Monkeypox Scare: Govt. Releases Dos And Don’ts To Prevent Infection Spread

by Suchismita Pal
Monkeypox Scare: Govt. Releases Dos And Don’ts To Prevent Infection Spread

Amid the rising cases of Monkeypox worldwide, the Ministry of Health has issued a list of dos and don’ts to prevent the infection spread. Till now, India has reported around 9 cases of Monkeypox and one death. Thus, the health ministry has shared detailed guidelines for the effective management of the disease. The PDF file uploaded by the ministry on its website includes details about the occurrence of the disease, its symptoms, modes of transmission, clinical features, diagnosis and precautionary measures.

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Monkeypox Prevention: Dos And Don’ts

Taking to Twitter, the Ministry of Health has stated, “Anyone can get Monkeypox if they have had prolonged and/or repeated contact with an infected individual.” The do’s and don’ts are as follows:


  • Isolate infected persons from others
  • Wash hands with soap and water and use hand sanitizers
  • Wear masks and gloves near infected patients
  • Use disinfectants for environmental sanitation


  • Do not share linen, bedding and towels with infected patients
  • Do not wash soiled linen or laundry of infected persons with items of non-infected persons
  • Do not attend public events if you have Monkeypox symptoms

Apart from the above points, the ministry has also asked people not to stigmatise groups of people on the basis of misinformation.

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High Alert Put On Airports

The Centre has also put high alerts on airports in Odisha, Delhi, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Goa and Kerala amid the surge in cases. Some symptoms of Monkeypox include fever, headache, backache, exhaustion and swollen lymph nodes. The visible symptoms of the disease are round blisters on the skin. It is a kind of smallpox with less clinical severity. Having said that, COVID-19 has not gone yet. India is still reporting COVID cases and now Monkeypox also entered the scene. So, let’s be responsible and take the cautions seriously as we clearly do not want another pandemic. To read the ministry guidelines, click here.