Turban Tales Introduces A Jamun Infused Menu

by Jinal Inamdar
Turban Tales Introduces A Jamun Infused Menu

What Is It?

It’s monsoon season and you know what that means? It means those lovely purple little taste nuggets are here! Childhood memories are filled with sitting under the jamun tree and eating the unwashed fruit until our tongues turned purple. Turban Tales walks you down this memory lane with its jamun infused monsoon menu, we like to call the ‘Purple Jamun Delight’. These dishes are not just a visual delight but also unique!

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What To Eat & Drink?

I love popping jamuns in my mouth. I can eat them all day, everyday so when I heard of a new jamun infused menu at Turban Tales, I had to go and check it out for myself. Here are my favs:

1. The Jamun Cheesecake

Elevating the regular New York cheesecake a notch higher is this beautiful purple cheesecake, ready to melt in your mouth. Eat it with your eyes, or eat it with you spoon, this one is sure to burst your mouth with fresh flavors. Try this creamy baked version of the classic dessert at Turban Tales.

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2. The Jamun Burger

Yes! You read it right; a jamun burger. This burger is made of flavorful jamun sauce that makes the bun-base of the burger appear purple. Head over to Turban Tales and grab on to this Rang Birangi Burger from their monsoon menu for a chill evening!

3. Ras Wale Jamun

How about giving a twist to your regular jamuns, with jamuns? No, we’re not trying to play mind games with you; Head to Turban Tales to get a taste for yourself, to understand what we mean. White gulab jamuns filled with and floating in purple jamun is is a synonym for decadence! PS: This was my favourite of my favourites! I highly recommend this one!

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So which of these delicious purple delights are you going to try today?


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