Morocco To Host FIFA 2030; Plans 1.5MN New Hotel Rooms, World’s Largest Stadium & More

Dubai's golden ticket to investment heaven.

by Deeplata Garde
Morocco To Host FIFA 2030; Plans 1.5MN New Hotel Rooms, World’s Largest Stadium & More

Morocco has big plans and Dubai investors are in for a treat. The North African nation aims to double its hotel capacity by adding 1.5 million new rooms ahead of an anticipated 26 million tourists by 2030. This bold vision of Morocco creates multi-billion-dollar opportunities for savvy Dubai investors, just in time for the FIFA World Cup.

Morocco’s Ambitious Hospitality Expansion Before FIFA Season

With over $50 billion earmarked for World Cup-related projects, Morocco is looking to Dubai’s expertise to transform its hospitality sector. Investments will pour into infrastructure, transportation, healthcare, and tourism developments. Morocco plans to double its annual tourists, aiming for 25-26 million by 2030, inspired by Dubai’s successful model of hosting world-class events.

Moreover, Morocco will host the 2025 Africa Cup of Nations, further boosting its appeal. Officials expect a significant influx of Emirati businesses to set up shop in Morocco, leveraging their expertise in infrastructure and event planning.

Dubai and Morocco: A Winning Partnership

The deepening partnership between Morocco and Dubai builds on decades of strong ties. The UAE is already Morocco’s largest Arab investor, with investments surpassing $30 billion. This figure is set to double following major agreements signed in late 2023. This collaboration aims to create new tourism hubs, smart cities, and renewable energy installations, driving Morocco’s economic vision forward.

Dubai’s startups and economic success provide a shining example for Morocco. By tapping into Dubai’s expertise, Morocco seeks to elevate its tourism and hospitality sectors to new heights. The FIFA World Cup 2030 in Morocco promises to be historic, thanks to this strategic partnership.

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Morocco’s ambitious plan to double its hotel capacity and attract 26 million tourists by 2030 presents golden opportunities for Dubai investors. With over $50 billion in projects tied to the World Cup, Morocco leans on Dubai’s proven expertise to realise its vision. The deep-rooted partnership between these nations not only strengthens their economic ties but also promises a transformative era for Morocco’s tourism and hospitality industries. For investors, the message is clear: Morocco is the next big thing, and Dubai is the key to unlocking its potential. Get ready to invest and watch Morocco shine on the global stage!

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