MUA Transforms A Potato Into Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa & It’s Definitely A Feast For The Eyes!

by Tejashee Kashyap
MUA Transforms A Potato Into Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa & It’s Definitely A Feast For The Eyes!

You can create art on anything and anywhere! That holds true for this Brazilian make-up artist. The skilled artist recreated the Mona Lisa on potatoes and lettuce to create an edible masterpiece. Well, the results are quite up to the mark!

Transforming Potatoes Into Mona Lisa


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An inventive artist devised a way to reproduce the Renaissance masterpiece using an unusual substance. Artist Huylson created a three-dimensional, incredibly lifelike Mona Lisa out of potatoes, paint, and lettuce pieces.

Huylson Tormen shared an Instagram video last month of his creative process as he transformed his grocery list into a reimagining of Leonardo da Vinci’s renowned painting. He started by purchasing Monalisa potatoes, a golden yellow variation of the South American starch. He used a pen to guide his talented hand by drawing the famous face. Then he combined a few pigments to create the ideal yellow-tinted skin tone.

Several layers of pigment are applied to the Mona Lisa’s skin, as well as shadows over the cheekbones, nose, eyes, and jawline. The Brazilian MUA then began with his makeup brushes, with the sketch all set out in front of him. The eyes were the most significant component of the artwork. Tormen began with the woman’s perceptive eyes, then moved on to the exterior, finishing up the skin.

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Mona Lisa Has Been Recreated In Many Ways


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Huylson moves on to the next stage of the food art process after finishing the head. He attaches the head to three other potatoes and covers it with lettuce leaves. The extra potatoes are placed to imitate the figure’s body, while the lettuce leaves successfully simulate the drapery of the Mona Lisa’s Renaissance attire. Hulyson went so far as to chop up some more potatoes to construct a hand.

The completed work bore an uncanny similarity to the Renaissance masterwork. The Internet personality, with his efforts, has transformed delectable fruits and vegetables into magnificent sculptures with his bare hands, he has amassed over 82,000 Instagram followers.

Only a few paintings are popular like Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. It’s so renowned that it’s been reinvented in many ways, including a tattooed version of the sitter and an AI-created Mona Lisa.

What do you think of this artwork?

Cover image credits: Instagram/Huylson

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