Mumbai To Alibaug Ro Ro Ferry To Start By May

by Kritika Kukreja
Mumbai To Alibaug Ro Ro Ferry To Start By May

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Cutting down your Mumbai to Alibaug duration from 3 hours to 90 minutes, the Ro Ro Ferry is expected to launch by May 2019. 

What Is It?

The awaited Ro Ro Ferry from Mumbai to Alibaug will finally launch in May 2019. This ferry will take you to Alibaug from Mumbai’s Mazgaon port in under 90 minutes. Initially, the only way to Alibaug was by road and it would take you nearly 3 hours, and now there’s also an option for UberBOAT, but that can become too expensive. The Ro Ro Ferry will take passengers to Alibaug within 90 minutes starting from ₹200! 

Ro Ro Ferry

About The Ro Ro Ferry

The Ro Ro Ferry is not just a transport option for passengers, because it will also carry cars and buses. The terminal at Mazgaon is ready and built, and each ferry can hold up to 18 buses, 180 cars and 200 passengers. The Maharashtra Maritime Board believes that the Ro Ro Ferry will not only become an easier, pocket-friendly and convenient option to travel to Alibaug, but it will also emerge as an eco-friendly option. And the best part? It will continue to operate even during the monsoon season!

The actual prices aren’t out yet, but the rates for each passenger will start at ₹200, per car will be ₹300 and per bus will be ₹700! Isn’t that cheap?! You save time and money.

It’s now May already and we’re waiting for these services to start!