Mumbai: Five Home Bakers With The Most Delicious Easter Goodies On Sale

by Natasha Monteiro
Mumbai: Five Home Bakers With The Most Delicious Easter Goodies On Sale

Easter is more than just a long weekend. It’s also the perfect time to celebrate the ‘goodness’ of Easter and by that we mean the ‘goodies’ of Easter. Curly Tales has a major sweet tooth and we can’t resist a good Easter treat. (Slurp!) In lieu of our greed, we’ve compiled a list of Mumbai’s best home bakers who celebrate the love of Easter. Goodies, eggs and cakes – these home bakers are the best the city has to offer.

1. Sammy’s Cakery

Sammy’s Cakery is run by home baker, Samantha Fonseca. Based out of Borivali, she gave up her full-time job to pursue her love for baking. Boy, are we glad she did. If the pictures are any proof of how good she really is, then we are in love. Our favourite is the chocolate Easter egg filled with colourful goodies. Samantha also makes cakes and other goodies.

Sammy's Cakery
Easter delights at Sammy’s Cakery

Location: IC Colony, Borivali West

Contact: +09833873579

Email ID:

Facebook Link:

2. Shinette Dias

Mom of two, Shinette LOVES to bake and it shows perfectly in the goodies she has on offer. Her Easter surprise is filled with rich chocolate cream, loads of love and plenty of cute designs. Our favourite is the Easter Chocolate Fudge cupcakes which come with cute, yellow ducks on the top. It’s absolutely raduckal ;) A special shout-out to the veg and chicken puffs that work great with your evening cup of tea.

Shinette Dias
An Easter Duck? Yes Please! Thanks Shinette Dias

Location: St Pius, Mulund West

Contact: +09930034140

Facebook Link:

3. Becky’s Chocolates

Chocolate eggs. Chocolate bunnies. Bunny basket. Willy Wonka meets Marzipan. Chocolate shells with fillers. Chocolate troupe. Marzipan eggs. Whew! Rebecca’s list of Easter goodies is endless. Based out of Bandra, Rebecca D’souza sure knows how to get the party started. We love the richness of her sweets. She uses pralines and almonds, raisins and nuts making for a rich, fulfilling pastry. Becky also specializes in wedding cakes, if you’re thinking of more than Easter.

Becky's Chocolates
Chocolates and treats galore by Rebecca Dsouza

Location: St Roque Road, Bandra West

Contact: + 09920375444

Facebook Link:


4. Iris Cake Designz

Iris Cake Designz
Easter Eggs with butter fondant at Iris Cake Designz

Ms. Iris Crasto Alvares is a stately lady, with a passion for baking. She operates from her home studio in Powai and takes her baking very seriously. Not one to go by tradition, Iris insists that the Easter Eggs she makes stands out from the others simply because she’s broken traditions. Her Easter goodies are made of pure marzipan with a fondant icing made in Moroccan style. Iris specializes in customized cakes for all occasions.

Location: Raheja Vihar, Powai

Contact: + 9820605525

Facebook Link:

5. Purplicious

Run by Amanda Fernandes, Purplicious is really quite delicious. A baker with a heart of gold, we like Amanda as much as the Easter goodies she bakes. She takes the time out to customise each egg and sells them in single pieces instead of doing bulk orders. The packaging is beautiful and comes attached with a little note. Purplicious also makes cakes for every occasion.  Go try one out today.

Easter Eggs by Amanda from Purplicious

Location: Kalina, Santacruz East

Contact: +9920456769

Facebook Link:


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