Mumbai International Airport Receives Level 4+ Highest Level Accreditation For Sustainability Measures Taken

by Shreya Ghosh
Mumbai International Airport Receives Level 4+ Highest Level Accreditation For Sustainability Measures Taken

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport of Mumbai recently achieved a huge milestone. The airport received the Level 4+ Transition of Airport Carbon Accreditation program of the Airport Council International. This is the highest level of certificate and the Mumbai international airport is now one of the 31 airports globally that received such a prestigious level 4+ of the Airport Carbon Accreditation program.

Mumbai International Airport Achieved Level 4+ Accreditation For Their Sustainability Measures

Mumbai international airport
Picture credit- Press release

The airport performed phenomenally when it comes to working on strategies for climate change. This certification is to recognise their efforts for the strategy which in return shows a comprehensive framework to control and manage the carbon footprint. This is the airport’s efforts toward a greener and healthier tomorrow. Mumbai international airport is also now the 3rd airport in the Asia-Pacific region to receive this recognition.

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CSMIA’s spokesperson shared how it is a matter of great honour to achieve this key milestone in their journey toward obtaining a sustainable future for the Mumbai international airport. CSMIA also has huge plans to become net-zero by the year 2029 and such a prestigious recognition is indeed a huge source of encouragement to stick to working in the same way and use the strategies to build a greener space in the aviation industry.

CSMAI’s Plans To Become Carbon-Neutral By 2029

mumbai international airport
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Mumbai international airport has already worked on a roadmap that will lead them to achieve their goals for Carbon Management and Green House Gas reduction. They have great targets to attain operations Net Zero Carbon Emission by the year 2029. And for this, they have the roadmap along with comprehensive planning and investment in emission and energy consumption reduction projects as well.

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Some of the most notable projects of the Mumbai international airport for Carbon Management are:

  • CSMIA is now a 100% sustainable airport after it shifted to green sources for energy consumption.
  • There is an onsite renewable power generation plant amplified to 4.65 MW capacity.
  • To influence and increase using of electric vehicles, there are 6 EV charging stations as well.
  • Reverse Vending Machines are installed for plastic waste management.

CSMIA is putting tons of effort to achieve its goal by 2029. And we feel so proud to see them achieve such recognition.

Cover Image Courtesy: Media Library