Mumbai International Airport Announces Key Passenger-Centric Initiatives To Manage The Holiday Traffic Rush

by Shreya Ghosh
Mumbai International Airport Announces Key Passenger-Centric Initiatives To Manage The Holiday Traffic Rush

The winter holiday season is finally here. Travel enthusiasts are all set to fly to their favourite destinations to ring in the Christmas bells and celebrate the new year. It is a no-brainer that the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport is seeing a massive passenger footfall for both domestic and international journeys and it is not at all an easy job to control the rush. And this is why the Mumbai international airport has initiated some initiatives.

Mumbai International Airport Introduced Key Passenger-Centric Initiatives

mumbai international airport
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It is a strenuous job to control and manage the never-ending rush at this hour. Everyone is travelling and the surge in tourist volume is inevitable. And to keep everything under control, the Mumbai international airport has laid out quite some important passenger-centric initiatives on Wednesday. Along with these, they have also focused on improving and upgrading the infrastructure to tackle the rush and surge in volume. Let’s take a look at the passenger-centric initiatives.

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Check The Initiatives Out!

  • The Passenger Flow and Queue Monitoring System is a digital tool that will be used during this time to track the people, rush, and traffic in the Security Processing Zone.
  • Active on-ground coordination is conducted for  Queue Management and Resource Mobilization when Immigration and Customs are Sovereign functions.
  • For decreasing the number of rejection rates at the Automated Tray Retrieval System, there is an On-ground terminal operations team in pre-security check.
  • To help the passengers with reaching the counters, there are teams of terminal operations at the immigration hall.
  • The terminal operations team is positioned at the curbside to control the never-ending lines and queues at the entry gates. This team is also looking into PRM assistance.

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  • No need to spend a lot of time while security checks as the Mumbai international airport have positioned staff at the end of  Automated Tray Retrieval System machines that focus on faster turnaround of the trays. 
  • To avoid the high passenger volume at the check-in counters, there is an operations team at self-baggage drop kiosks and CUSS check-in kiosks.
  • Terminal Duty Managers are in the security check who will help to control the lines there. Also, their priority is to help the flyers with kids in arms and elders.

Mumbai international airport and the Ministry are working together to avoid the chances of any inconveniences for the passengers. They are doing everything to make the journey the simplest.

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