Travelling Abroad? You Must Be Ready To Answer These Immigration Questions At The Airport

by Shreya Ghosh
Travelling Abroad? You Must Be Ready To Answer These Immigration Questions At The Airport

Flying to an international destination is always an exciting experience until we get questioned by immigration officers at airport customs. More than scary, it can get tiring at times. Especially if you are flying overseas for the first time, even the thought of immigration questions can be intimidating. Well, you don’t have to worry as we are going to share the immigration questions that you might get asked.

Get Ready To Answer These Immigration Questions At The Airport

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1. These Are The Most Usual Questions:

Questions such as What is your purpose for the visit, your occupation, the reason for your travelling, duration of staying in the country, where you will stay, if this is your first visit, who are you travelling with, whether you have any family or relatives staying there, and such similar questions. Be honest and stress-free, and answer these asked immigration questions.

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2. Where Will You Stay?

When you are visiting a new place, you will need a place to stay. And when it comes to immigration questions, the custom officers really focus on this topic. You will be asked all the details about the place you will stay so be cautious and well known about your stay. Also, note down all the details such as the address of the place.

3. What Is The Reason For Visting?

If you do not want to be questioned a lot on this topic, make sure to answer precisely. Provide all the necessary details in one go and you are good to go with most questions on this topic. Crisp information will help the custom officers to get all the details they want to know from you.

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4. Immigration Questions About Your Occupation

What is your profession or what you do for a living is a crucial question to know about your income status. At times, the officers also ask some people to provide proof of occupation.

All you need to do is calm down, be truthful, and answer immigration questions confidently. Don’t panic too much as they might be more doubtful.

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