These Mumbai Restaurants Urge You To ‘Sign & Dine’

by Natasha Monteiro
These Mumbai Restaurants Urge You To ‘Sign & Dine’

There are two restaurants in Mumbai’s Powai area that are run entirely by hearing- and speech-impaired waitstaff. Sign hello to Mirchi & Mime and it’s cocky younger brother, Madeira & Mime.


What Is It?

Imagine a place where the servers won’t listen to you or talk to you while simultaneously teaching you a lesson in empathy. Mirchi & Mime as well as Madeira & Mime are two such restaurants that are run entirely by hearing- and speech-impaired waitstaff. The service is impeccable and often accompanied by the biggest smiles.

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What’s In It?

Fantastic food and service with a smile, pretty much sums up our experience in these lovely places. We have to warn you though, both places are booked out – even on weekday afternoons. So you better make your reservation well in advance.


It’s really simple to order. There’s a menu given with numbered dishes and sign languages on how to order. You can either point to what you want or sign what you’d like to have for the day.

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What To Eat?

We loved the Amritsari Fish Tikka and the Murgh Angara at Mirchi & Mime. There have been rave reviews about the food and the drinks at the place and we’re not surprised. The quality of the food astounds to say the least.

Parting Thoughts

Would we suggest a meal at Mirchi & Mime? Of course, we would! It’s not often that you can go to a restaurant, have a delicious meal and learn a lesson at the same time. You don’t always need words to speak. Sometimes, kindness is the only language that is truly understood by all.



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