Mumbai Will Soon Have Disinfection Tunnels At Various Public Places

by Gizel Menezes
Mumbai Will Soon Have Disinfection Tunnels At Various Public Places

With the number of coronavirus cases in Maharashtra crossing the 2,000 mark, there has risen a growing need for disinfection in the state. In a much-needed move, the Maharashtra government has decided to install disinfectant tunnels at various public spaces in Mumbai to ensure the safety of its citizens.

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Disinfection Tunnels To Be Placed In Crowded Public Spaces

With the help of the Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Mumbai, the disinfection tunnels will be placed at the entrances of markets, bus stops, railway stations, among other public places.

The technology is expected to be different from the existing ones as the disinfectant will be sprayed in the form of fog and not liquid. It is also said to destroy up to 98% of the virus and would considerably reduce the germs on an individual.

The tunnel will be attached to a liquid tank, which holds one percent sodium hypochlorite solution diluted with water. When a person or even a vehicle like a truck passes through it, the tunnel will evenly spray the disinfectant within 5 seconds. Since the disinfectant sprayed will be in the form of fog, there is no worry about the person getting wet.

The model is currently being tested at the moment; once it is approved by the Health Department, it will be installed in all the above-mentioned places in the city.

Image Courtesy: Indian Rail Info

Disinfectant Tunnels – One of The Most Effective Ways To Deal With The Virus

According to Prof. Rajendra Sonkawade, who is part of the team developing the technology, all WHO norms for creating the disinfectant tunnel have been followed.

Assumed to be one of the most effective ways to deal with the virus, states like Delhi, Karnataka, Haryana, Tamil Nadu, as well as railway authorities have already installed these disinfection tunnels. China has also been using such measures since February while other countries too are adopting different methods of spraying disinfectant at public places.

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