Vadodara Police Install Hydrogen Balloon With Cameras To Monitor Lockdown Violators In The City

by Gizel Menezes
Vadodara Police Install Hydrogen Balloon With Cameras To Monitor Lockdown Violators In The City

As part of a strategy to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, the Vadodara administration and police have installed a hydrogen balloon with two cameras to keep a check on containment areas in the city and thereby check for lockdown violators.

Image Courtesy: Indian Express

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Hydrogen Balloon Installed In Containment Zone Of Tandalja In Vadodara

Only recently, the Vadodara administration had divided the city into four zones – Red, Orange, Yellow and Green – based on a health assessment and their proximity to areas where maximum cases without any travel history had been reported. A day after this move, the first hydrogen balloon was installed in the Tandalja area of Vadodara, a declared red zone, where about 19 entry and exit points had been sealed.

The ballon comes with two cameras that cover a radius of about 200 meters each. Apart from giving a bird’s eye view of the area under containment, the camera attached to the balloon can also be monitored from a mobile phone, which makes it extremely easier for the police personnel to check for violators. The balloon is also equipped with a public address system through which important announcements can be made.

Image Courtesy: Indian Express

The Hydrogen Balloon Is Extremely Efficient For Surveillance

While regular CCTV footage from various areas is monitored by the police from its Command Center, this simple aerial monitoring system acts as an effective means to keep a tab on the declared red zones in the city, especially the area of Tandalja, which is a neighborhood of about 7,000 people. Apart from Tandalja, another red zone in the city is Nagarwada, where 67 positive cases of the coronavirus have been reported.

The police are also working on installing more such hydrogen balloons across the city for surveillance to crack down on violations.

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