Mumbai’s BKC Is Going To Get A Food Court Soon! Now, Eating There Will Become More Affordable

by Shreya Rathod
Mumbai’s BKC Is Going To Get A Food Court Soon! Now, Eating There Will Become More Affordable

BKC, or Bandra-Kurla Complex, in Mumbai, is a commercial hub. There are several offices, entertainment and sports complexes. Moreover, the place is a concert venue! But, despite the wonderful collection of fine dining restaurants, it lacks to provide you with affordable eateries. However, that is going to change as MMRDA has decided to set up a food court with affordable dining options!

Mumbai’s BKC To Affordable Dining Options Soon!

bkc food court
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BKC is a commercial hub and houses innumerable offices but it lacks decent and affordable dining options. This has caused the employees to depend on food aggregators. And it is way too costly! The only other option is to travel to Kurla or Kala Nagar. But that is out of the question since no one wants to travel the daunting distance with roads packed with traffic.

Restaurants in the area serve exotic food and are extremely expensive. Noticing this, MMRDA (Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority) has decided to set up a food court in the Urban Plaza along with shops and supermarkets.

Moreover, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is proposing to set up food trucks around the clock at several spots throughout the city. The food truck tendering process has already begun. Up to 50 mobile restaurants will be placed in seven areas under the control of the city council.

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Bandra Kurla Complex

bkc food court
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BKC is a well-known business district and a significant financial hub in Mumbai, located in the Bandra and Kurla districts. It has a 400-acre footprint and contains numerous business offices, government buildings, banks, and financial institutions. The National Stock Exchange, Reliance Industries, Bharat Diamond Bourse, Citibank, Bank of America, and numerous more well-known businesses have offices at BKC.

It also serves as the location of the cricket pitch for the Mumbai Cricket Association, the American Consulate General in Mumbai, and the British Deputy High Commission.

Currently, it is also the location of the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre (NMACC) — a performing arts and multi-disciplinary cultural and exhibition space.

We hope that BKC soon gets its affordable food court just like other business districts of Mumbai like Nariman Point and Andheri.

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Comment below and tell us if you find it difficult to search for a budget-friendly food option in the area.

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