Mumbai’s Britannia & Co. Restaurant Celebrates 100 Glorious Years! 5 Things We Still Love About It

by Shreya Rathod
Mumbai’s Britannia & Co. Restaurant Celebrates 100 Glorious Years! 5 Things We Still Love About It

The classic Mumbai Sundays are incomplete without a visit to the iconic Irani cafe located at Ballard Estate, Britannia & Co. Restaurant. Between the bustling city and colonial charm of Mumbai, this restaurant is known for its delicious Parsi food and is one of the busiest places. This year, they have completed 100 years, and here’s a glimpse of their glory since 1923.

5 Things We Still Love About Mumbai’s Britannia & Co. Restaurant

This iconic Irani restaurant completes 100 glorious years and here’s what we still love about it.

1. Classic Decor And Colonial-Era Ambience

Being located in Old Bombay, the place has a colonial-era charm. It is decorated with old photo frames, clocks and boards that contain instructions like “cash only”. Looking at the ceiling, there’s still an old chandelier that must have been installed when it first opened. And not to mention the large ceiling fans that loom over when you sit on the wooden chairs. Even in 2023, Britannia & Co. Restaurant has an old-school charm!

2. Authentic Parsi Flavours & Family Recipes

The restaurant was started by an immigrant Parsi family. Therefore, the delicacies served are traditional Parsi dishes like berry pulao, salli boti and dhansak. But if you take a vote, their mutton cutlets served with salli are the ultimate flavour-packed dish. And to end your delicious meal, what can be better than a soft caramel custard?

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3. Nothing Can Match Their Raspberry Soda

Besides lip-smacking dishes, they are known to serve refreshing raspberry soda. People who visit this Irani restaurant swear by this Pallonji’s drink. In fact, it pairs well with their berry pulao! So, to beat the scorching Mumbai heat, there’s nothing better than raspberry soda from Britannia & Co. Restaurant.

4. Warm Welcome At Britannia & Co. Restaurant

Once you enter the restaurant, you are greeted with a pleasant smile. The staff show you to your seat, welcomes you and offers a warm, pleasant atmosphere! This is one of the prime reasons why Britannia & Co. Restaurant still rules the hearts of every Mumbaikar. There’s nothing pretentious, but pure willingness to offer their customers the best experience.

5. Large Portion Sizes That Can Feed An Army!

Do you know what’s the best thing about the restaurant that we still love? Their portion size! If you are ordering something, please make sure you are going with enough people to finish the lip-smacking dishes that you order. Where generally restaurants compromise on the serving size, Britannia & Co. Restaurant still serves a hearty meal!

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So, when are you visiting this iconic Irani cafe in Mumbai?

Cover Image Courtesy: Britannia & Co. Restaurant/ Instagram & MISS BOMBAYWALLA/ Twitter