Museum Of The Future Will Host Dubai’s First Future Forum

by Ishita Agarwal
Museum Of The Future Will Host Dubai’s First Future Forum

Are you considering the future? In October, there will be a burst of future-focused news to flood the city. The first-ever Dubai Future Forum will take place on Monday, October 10, and Tuesday, October 11, at Dubai’s Museum of the Future, the most appropriate setting. However, it will be the first event of the Dubai Future Forum, which will conduct annually. 

Everything You Should Know About The Future at the Museum of The Future 

Expo 2020 and the Museum of the Future prove that Dubai can connect the present and future. Therefore, over 15 organisations and institutions will represent by 400 worldwide futurists, thought leaders, and specialists. Dubai Future Foundation Chairman remarked, “We are devoted to foresight, and it needs an annual event to recognise its significance.” 


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In the forum, they will discuss the most beautiful NFTs in the Metaverse, future threats, and remedies. Moreover, methods to improve life quality — the work.

The forum’s interactions will be based on four themes: “the future of the world, values and humanity, existential dangers, and predicting future changes,” which will be spread out across 30 sessions over two days.

The event aims to foster partnerships between governments, institutions, and individuals, as well as develop ideas for preparing for the future. 

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