4 Things You Can Only Experience At The Museum Of The Future

by Yogita Chainani
4 Things You Can Only Experience At The Museum Of The Future

Dubai’s much-anticipated attraction- Museum Of The Future, has finally opened its door to the public on Feb 22, 2022. With tickets priced at AED145, this is the most majestic building in Dubai at the moment. And while the museum takes you one step closer to the future, it also offers an experience that you can partake in nowhere else. With that said, here are four things that you can ONLY experience at the Museum Of The Future.

4 Things To Experience At The Museum Of The Future ASAP

1. Learn The Value Of Life

Museum Of The Future has a DNA library, where you can learn more about climate change and how you can help make the world a better place to live. Over 1000s species and wonders of nature are studied here with only one aim and that is to make the future better.

2. Experience What Outer Space Looks Like

To experience what life in Space looks like, the museum has created a space station, where you’ll be able to travel 600km above earth virtually and learn everything that astronauts above the earth. You’ll learn more about Earth, Moon, and how we can do things for better development.

3. Meet The Future Heroes

Children are the future of our society, and the museums exhibit one section to the kids where they are encouraged to explore and play and discover a fantasy world. In this exhibit, kids will participate in missions that will encourage them to work as a team to attain goals. The display wants to promote a screen-free environment for the kids and focus more on thinking, problem-solving and working with others as a team. And once the kids accomplish their mission, they will be rewarded with a special badge.

4.  Get Closer To The Future Of Wellness

Visit the Future Of Wellness exhibit and understand your physical and mental health a bit better. The exhibit will help you escape the digital life so that you can reconnect with your mind, body, and soul while disconnecting from the digital world.