Nagaland Min Temjen Along Shares Traditional Naga Stew Recipe & Tells Tweeple “Note Kar Lena”

by Sanjana Shenoy
Nagaland Min Temjen Along Shares Traditional Naga Stew Recipe & Tells Tweeple “Note Kar Lena”

Nagaland’s Tourism & Higher Education Minister, Temjen Imna Along is a true blue foodie. His tweets are testimony to his love and absolute focus towards food. From pictures of himself devouring burgers and milkshakes at a restaurant to glimpses of the fresh produce in Nagaland, his Twitter handle has it all. And now Temjen Imna Along shared a recipe of a traditional vegetable Naga stew and told Tweeple to note it down. Noting it down, we surely are!

Minister Temjen Imna Along Has Us Craving Naga Stew

Nagaland Tourism first shared the recipe of Hansuli on Twitter. Hansuli is a traditional Naga organic vegetable stew. This flavoursome and healthy stew is cooked with boiled potatoes and tomatoes. In the recipe video, you can see chopped tomatoes and potatoes brewed in fermented fish. Then, ginger and green chillies are added to pack in flavours. The dish is then elevated with oyster mushrooms, which are added to the mixture.

Xanthoxylem leaves or Michinga leaves are added to lend the stew its savoury taste. The root vegetable, Taro is also added to the dish for earthy flavours. In his caption, Temjen Imna Along asks Tweeple if they want to try it. If they do, then just note down the recipe, he says. It’s that simple, isn’t it? The Nagaland minister also thanked Etsoyu for preparing such wonderful and delicious dishes and promoting Naga cuisine on various social media platforms.

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Netizens Can’t Wait To Try It!

His tweet received wholehearted responses from Tweeple who were excited to try out this recipe. @ronniedey commented that he would love to taste this delicious recipe. @dev_thakkar23 comments that he would want to visit Nagaland and have authentic Naga cuisine with Temjen Imna Along, himself. Another Netizen stated that the Naga stew seems packed with vitamins and minerals and it looks good for a diabetic person.

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