Nagarjuna Cancels Trip To Maldives For “Unhealthy Remarks Against PM Modi”; To Visit Lakshadweep Instead

Nagarjuna cancelled his trip to the Maldives and will instead travel to Lakshadweep for a holiday amid the ongoing India-Maldives diplomatic row.

by Sanjana Shenoy
Nagarjuna Cancels Trip To Maldives For “Unhealthy Remarks Against PM Modi”; To Visit Lakshadweep Instead

Amid the ongoing diplomatic row between India and the Maldives, even Indian celebrities are choosing Lakshadweep over Maldives. Superstar Nagarjuna recently revealed that he cancelled his holiday to the Maldives scheduled for January 17 and will instead head to the serene archipelago of Lakshadweep. He revealed the “unhealthy remarks against Prime Minister Narendra Modi” by Maldivian ministers. Read on to know more.

Nagarjuna Skips Trip To Maldives For Lakshadweep Instead

The YouTube channel of Telugu Film Producers Council released its latest episode with actor Nagarjuna, RRR lyricist Chandrabose and Academy-award-winning music composer MM Keeravaani were part of this interview. The 24.36-minute of the video has Nagarjuna shedding light on his holiday plans after a hectic work schedule. Nagarjuna states that after working for 75 days for Bigg Boss and Naa Saami Ranga without a break he had planned a holiday to the Maldives.

But later after the India-Maldives diplomatic row unfolded, he cancelled his tickets to the Maldives. And now Nagarjuna is travelling to Lakshadweep instead. He clarifies that the reason for cancelling his tickets has nothing to do with fear. It was because he felt the situation wasn’t healthy.

In Nagarjuna’s point of view, the statements made by Maldivian ministers on X (formerly, Twitter) weren’t healthy at all. “It’s not right”, he says in English and Telugu. “He ( PM Modi) is our Prime Minister and leading 1.5 billion people”, says Nagarjuna. If the leader of 1.5 billion people is not treated right, the Maldives will face repercussions. The Bangarraju actor said that for every action there is a reaction.

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He Might Travel To Bangaram Islands; Here’s What’s Special About It

Picture Credits: Canva

The actor further stressed on the beauty of Bangaram Islands in Lakshadweep. Nagarjuna will most probably be heading to Lakshadweep’s Bangaram Islands soon for his island vacation. he also suggested MM Keeravani make a trip to Lakshadweep soon. A tiny teardrop-shaped island, Bangaram is nestled close to Kavaratti and Agatti. The beaches at this island are known to have a bluish glow as phosphorescent plankton are washed ashore every night. The uninhabited island resorts are known to be exotic and welcome high net-worth tourists from India and the globe.

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Meanwhile, do let us know if your favourite star Nagarjuna has inspired you to make a trip to Lakshadweep soon.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikipedia and Canva

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