Nargis Fakhri Met Deana Uppal At Atlantis, The Palm, For Her First Ever Iftar Dinner

by Mallika Khurana
Nargis Fakhri Met Deana Uppal At Atlantis, The Palm, For Her First Ever Iftar Dinner

All of the Sunday Brunches are pretty special for us, but some are truly iconic. Today, we bring you one of those iconic episodes where we are mixing it up a bit and making it an Iftar Dinner instead. Nargis Fakhri joined Deana Uppal for this Ramadan Special Iftar Dinner at Atlantis The Palm. She is a Bollywood actress who garnered a lot of fame for her spectacular role in Rockstar. From her break into the film industry to her love for travelling, she shared it all, and you need to watch it right away.

Nargis Fakhri Talked About Living All Over The World

This was Nargis Fakhri’s first-ever Iftar, and we were curious to know if she celebrated Eid. She revealed that she had celebrated it only twice before and plans on doing so this year as well. Even though we are meeting her in Dubai, she shared that she lives there as well as in a lot of other places. She is a global citizen who lives all over the world, like in Mumbai, Los Angeles, New York, and London.

That definitely made us think she was a city girl. On the contrary, she revealed that she loves peace, and none of these places offer her peace. She also shared that she currently finds Dubai a nice place to live in as it is exciting and offers much to do. She also believes that Dubai has the best food.

Now that we are talking about food, we had to ask her about her favourite eateries in the city. Being someone who is really fond of cooking, she shared that she finds the best food in her kitchen, but she also loves to go out to eat. Some of her favourite places are Moti Mahal for Indian food and Namos and OPA for Greek food.

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She Revealed The Story Behind Her Entry Into Bollywood

Nargis Sunday Brunch
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Nargis Fakhri had never even visited India before her debut in Bollywood, and that made us curious about how it happened to her. Surprisingly, she was reached out to by the assistant director for Rockstar over email after her ad for a Greek jewellery brand surfaced in India. She was living in Denmark then and had no idea what was in store for her.

Nargis Fakhri also shared that this break worked out really well for her as it helped her find her identity as a mixed-race child. She concluded the episode by sharing a lot about her future plans. With her return to Bollywood, she is hoping to play varied roles that will be new to her and also find a balance between her professional and personal lives.

She shared a lot more about her relationship with her fans, her struggles with working in India, and so much more that you need to watch!

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