Navratri: Underwater Garba Dance Of Hydroman Goes Viral; Receives Mixed Reactions From Netizens

by Shreya Ghosh
Navratri: Underwater Garba Dance Of Hydroman Goes Viral; Receives Mixed Reactions From Netizens

How are you celebrating Navratri this year? Are you simply chilling at home with your loved ones or are you going to dandiya events and dancing your hearts out? No matter how you are enjoying and where you are dancing, we just found out the most iconic and unique venue for doing Garba. No, it is not a well-decorated ground or an air-conditioned room, the dancing stage is out of our imagination. India’s famous Hydroman recently enjoyed underwater garba dance and we are absolutely thrilled.

Hydroman Shared Video Of His Underwater Garba Dance

Taking to Instagram, Hydroman (@hydroman_333) has shared a video of enjoying dandiya underwater and we are so excited to watch the full dance video.


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A post shared by Hydroman (@hydroman_333)

The artist performing in this viral video is none other than Jaydeep Gohil aka Hydroman. He is the first underwater dancer of India and he often shares his art on social media platforms. In this video, he can be seen wearing a traditional outfit for playing Garba and grooving to the beat of the music with a pair of dandiyas. Not only did he choose a unique venue, i.e., under the water to shoot this video, but he also decked up the background as well. For an impressive background, he added different vibrant elements such as colourful tassels and lots of Garba dandiya dhol.

For more such interesting dance videos, you can check his social media platforms as well. From dancing with fishes in the Maldives to walking vertically in the water, he did it all. His passion and love for swimming is a major reason behind taking up this challenging task and then executing it beautifully.

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r/IndianFestival took to the Reddit platform to share this amazing video.

Underwater Garba Dance🫡
byu/sixty9e inIndianFestivals

What Are Netizens Thinking?

Underwater Garba
Picture credit- Instagram/ Hydroman (@hydroman_333)

Shared just 2 days ago, the viral video has already garnered almost 11 million views on Instagram. With about 740K likes and thousands of comments, the underwater Garba dance video is making rounds on all social media platforms. The viral video is receiving mixed reactions from Netizens. While some are simply pointing out the location and making fun of a few parts of the video, others are in awe of his excellent work. Instagrammers are praising his immense dedication and energy to attempt to do something like this.

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Dancing under the water without any cuts is not at all an easy task to do and Hydroman does it so effortlessly. Here are some comments on his video.

  • Most underrated person on Instagram 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • You are marvel. my daughter 7 year old big fan of yours please let me know your address make her meet you and your talent
  • Bhai ek video ke liye itni mahenat 🙌👏
  • Kaya baat he Bhai 😍 so nice 💯🔥
  • Wow.. this should go viral👏👏👏
  • Commitment to the premise 👏🔥and background is underwater as well 😮
  • Bhaisab energy 🔥❤️
  • Respect for camera man 🔥

What do you have to say about this Garba dance video? Will you ever attempt to do something so daring? Do let us know!

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Hydroman (@hydroman_333)

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