Need To Travel Abroad For Education Or Employment? Centre Has Issued These New Rules

by Tania Tarafdar
by Tania Tarafdar 2021

Do you need to travel abroad for education and employment amid the second wave? First, you will need to get your CoWin vaccination certificates linked to your passports. But that’s not all! The Union Health Ministry also listed other guidelines for those seeking to travel abroad for work and studies. Here’s everything you need to know if you are planning to travel anytime soon.

Those Travelling Abroad Can Take The Second Dose Of Vaccination After An Interval Of 28 Days

The facility of linking your CoWin certificates to your passports is available till August 31 this year. While the government is fast-tracking vaccination for students who wish to travel abroad, there lies a major concern. What happens if your travel dates fall before completion of the mandated minimum interval of 84 days of first the first dose? The government has permitted administering the second dose of Covishield after a period of 28 days for those who need to travel abroad. Should Indian Students Travelling To The US Get Re-Vaccinated? Everything You Should Know.

Documents Related To Admission & Employment Mandatory For Priority Vaccination

However, those travelling abroad for education and work will have to present documents related to admission. The competent authority of a state and UT will verify the documents and give a go-ahead. Those travelling abroad for work will have to present their interview calls or offer letters for taking up the employment.  

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Citizens Travelling Abroad Must Provide Passport Number As ID Proof During Vaccination

As per the current guidelines, those wishing to travel abroad must provide their passport number as their identifying proof while booking vaccination slots. In case they do not provide the passport number as ID proof during vaccination, the details of the other photo ID used will be printed in the vaccine certificate. However, the government is also planning to issue another certificate that will link the vaccination certificate with the passport number of the person.

You Should Be Vaccinated With An FDA-Authorised Vaccine To Travel Abroad

According to CDC, to be eligible to travel internationally, you should be fully vaccinated with an FDA-authorized vaccine or a vaccine authorized for emergency use by the World Health Organization. The COVID-19 vaccine Covishield developed by pharma giant AstraZeneca received an Emergency Use Listing designation from the World Health Organization. This means that if you get shots of Covishield, you will be eligible to travel to other countries. Every Travel Enthusiast In India Should Only Take This Vaccine.

Watch out for this space for more updated information on travelling during COVID-19. 

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