You Need To Try This Aloevera Halwa At POP’I Food Truck Now

by Jeelani Shareif
You Need To Try This Aloevera Halwa At POP’I Food Truck Now

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Aloevera halwa doesn’t sound too appetizing right? But the one at POP’I Food Truck serves a mouthwatering Aloevera Halwa, that is light, fresh and delicious

What Is It?

How have you tried eating aloevera? If yes, then you know it’s super bitter. Think aloevera and a health disclaimer pops up but “here aloevera is not used for your beauty treatments, gut problems or even some dadi ke uncalled for nuske”. This time aloevera comes with a new swag! It comes as Aloevera Halwa a yummy sweet. POP’I Food Truck is giving us unconventional sweet tooth goals that score high on the taste meter. Are we loving it, oh yes! That it impresses the taste buds so much that we can crave for more as its just ₹70.

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What’s In It?

This melt in the mouth, light Aloevera Halwa, made of aloevera pulp, khova, dry fruits, saffron, lotus seeds and of course sugar, is your go to sweet fix for anytime of the day or night or all day. This wonderful creation by POP’I Food Truck is so fresh, light and yum!

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What Else?

POP’I Food Truck is all sunny and fresh, just like their name, they pop it with yellow and cool doodles that makes them stand out. The food truck truck can be easily spotted at RMZ, and if you crave for their food anytime then you can always buzz them for delivery around Whitefield for now. It’s super Instagram friendly.If you are on a binge and stop by here to try a Sprouts Salad, that comprises of five different variety of sprouts mixed with other leafy greens and dressed with a mustard vinaigrette that lifts up the whole dish, its tangy, fresh and super healthy. They also serve these on the go Coolers using coconut water as base, with seasonal fruits and no added sugar’s. The Raw Banana Tikki Salad is an alternative to potato tikki, that has raw banana cutlets in a salad, an interesting mix of textures.

POP'I Food Truck
Raw Banana Tikki Salad at POP’I Food Truck
POP'I Food Truck
Roasted Beetroot Cooler at POP’I Food Truck


Address: Parked at RMZ Cenntinial and RMZ NXT. Delivery service only around Whitefield Bengaluru
Phone: +91 7899304010
Approx meal: ₹ 250 for 2 people, Aloevera Halwa costs ₹ 70


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