Neena Gupta Dishes Tips On Eating With Fork & Knife, But Says “Apne Haath Best”

by Sanjana Shenoy
Neena Gupta Dishes Tips On Eating With Fork & Knife, But Says “Apne Haath Best”

There’s something very comforting about actor Neena Gupta’s Instagram posts. Giving candid sneak peeks of her trips and food haunts, her pictures, videos and captions are light and breezy. Most importantly, it’s all about living life to the fullest. This time, Neena Gupta takes to Instagram to dish out tips on eating with a fork and knife. Foodies, you’d want to check it out.

How To Eat With Knife & Fork? Neena Gupta Has Got Your Back!

Neena Gupta took to her Instagram account to share a candid video of her eating with a fork and knife. While her latest post gives advice on table manners, she also uses the opportunity to come out with a confession. What are we talking about? Well, her video has all the answers, tips and candidness about the mystery behind eating with kanta churi (knife and fork).


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The Badhaai Ho actor sitting in a fine-dining restaurant, confesses that for long she didn’t know how to eat with a knife and fork. She’d often get confused about which hand to hold the knife with and which for the fork. So, after a lot of struggle, she came up with the realisation that in order to cut something, you’d need more force. So, she says the knife, which is used to cut food, needs to be held in the dominant hand, her right hand in her case.

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Meanwhile, the fork is used to hold the food and pick it up, so it doesn’t slip away. So, Neena Gupta says the fork needs to be held with the non-dominant hand, the left hand in her case. Very gently, with no qualms, Neena Gupta helps her followers understand this important dining etiquette. She also demonstrates how she put her learnings to the test by cutting a half-eaten asparagus with a knife and picking it up and eating it with a fork. However, in her caption, she does admit that eating with the hands is the best!

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Actor Amruta Subhash Also Thanks Her For The Tip

Netizens were instantly in awe with her candid video on table manners. One commented how Neena Gupta has no ego. Another Instagrammer stated her honesty touches hearts. Actor Amruta Subhash thanked Neena for the tip while admitting that she still finds it difficult to eat with a fork and knife, adding she needed to hear this.

Neena Gupta

Isn’t this simply the sweetest video on table manners ever?

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