Neeru Bajwa Revealed All About Her Days In Pinds Of Punjab

She made cakes, not the ones you can eat!

by Ankita Mazumdar
Neeru Bajwa Revealed All About Her Days In Pinds Of Punjab

Neeru Bajwa is a talented Indian actress based out of Canada who speaks Punjabi flawlessly! All thanks to her Punjabi parents who helped her stay connected with her roots. She happily recalled her childhood days of visiting Punjab during summer vacations and all the fun village-related activities she and her cousins did on this episode of Sunday Brunch. You will surely be shocked to learn about some of them! She joined her Jatt & Juliet co-star, Diljit Dosanjh, and our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani.

Neeru Bajwa Reminised About Her Pind Days In Punjab

While in conversation with Neeru, we wanted to know more about her earlier days in Punjab. She mentioned that her summer vacations were spent at her pind in Punjab. The word ‘pind’ means village in Punjabi. She reminisced about the fond memories of rushing to a nearby store with her father to buy balloons and candies.

It was almost like a ritual and she said that it was the highlight of her trip to India and it was always about these small things that you cherish. Then, she randomly remembered that she even made some cow dung cakes.

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Her Nani Attacked Kids With This

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She revealed that back in the day, it was essential to speak in Punjabi because her nani would throw rolling pins at the kids who would converse in English. Her nani didn’t understand English and talking in this language was almost like an insult to her. One of the prime reasons that she learnt perfect Punjabi was her nani as she couldn’t insult her like that.

Further, she added that her parents were born and brought up in Punjab and have grown up speaking their mother tongue. Hence, they weren’t fluent in English. All in all, it was better to learn Punjabi and make it easier for family conversations.

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