Negligence Took Life Of KK As Nazrul Manch AC Wasn’t Working, Say Fans

by Suchismita Pal
Negligence Took Life Of KK As Nazrul Manch AC Wasn’t Working, Say Fans

The untimely demise of legendary singer KK at the age of 53 has shattered everyone. He had his last concert at Kolkata’s Nazrul Manch after which he fell ill and collapsed. The singer was rushed to the CMRI hospital at around 10:30 PM where the doctors declared him dead. KK’s fans worldwide are still unable to come to terms with the fact that he is no more. Many fans who watched the Nazrul Manch concert said the sheer negligence of the authorities led to the death of the singer. They said that the AC of the hall was not working and KK was profusely sweating. Videos from the concert have surfaced where KK, drenched in sweat, is seen wiping his face. Reportedly, he also complained about the AC but the authorities did not pay heed to the matter.

KK Succumbed To Suspected Heart Attack

KK had also complained of uneasiness in the middle of the concert but despite the difficulties, he kept performing till the end of the show. As per reports, the singer succumbed to a suspected heart attack. Fans have stated that the auditorium was highly overcrowded and the heat was unbearable. But KK was performing withstanding the challenges. PM Modi also mourned KK’s death and wrote, “His songs reflected a wide range of emotions as struck a chord with people of all age groups.”

Fans Say That Negligence Of Authorities Led To His Death

Photographer Dibyodok Mitra from Kolkata wrote, “I have just heard there were around 3 times crowd present at Nazrul Manch when the hall capacity is just 2200. AC’s malfunction on hot and humid is always a disaster. I have seen performers singing at a stretch for 1 hour 30 mins.. The energy comes from the Euphoria but it heavily stresses the body.. A 53 years old man cannot tackle this situation at ease.. If you watch the video, he is sweating badly and complaining about the heat.. See destiny takes it course but…It is extremely sad that his health condition deteriorated in Nazrul Manch itself.”

KK’s songs have touched our lives in multifold ways and he will live in our hearts forever. Here are some more videos from his last concert: