New York To Get A Museum Dedicated To Pizza!

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
New York To Get A Museum Dedicated To Pizza!

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New Yorkers are all set to welcome a pop-up museum of Pizza which will feature art installations dedicated to Pizzas.

What Is It?

The museum celebrates world’s first art experience that is dedicated to the love of pizzas seen across the globe. It’s true that art is the best form of creativity and the folks at the Museum of Pizza have put in many efforts in just about the right piece of content, PIZZA!

Without any doubts, Pizza is elected as the champion of food that is celebrated universally. Taking this concept further, Museum of Pizza builds on the notion that Pizza can be fun, reliable, consistent, flexible, and unselfish.

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What’s In It?

For the immense love of this champion food, Museum of Pizza has created larger than life art installations that focus only on Pizzas! Gaze at the large photos and bask in the multi-sensory, psychedelic pizza joy.

In an artistic tribute to Pizzas, the museum features a set of installations like Pizza cave, Pizza fun house, art gallery, Pizza beach, the interactive history of Pizza, Pizza Zen, film screenings and more.

What’s more? Every ticket purchased to visit this museum, the money will be donated by the Museum to provide a free meal to a family in need. Although the museum is dedicated to art and a fun experience of Pizza galore, you will also get a slice of heaven outside the venue before entering and maybe an additional pizza slice later.

Experience the joy, love and glee at this museum and book your tickets now. The museum is expected to open this year in October.

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To get your tickets click here.

Cost: $35 (₹2,300)

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