Nick Jonas, National Jiju, Reveals His Favourite Indian Dishes, Can You Guess What They Are?

by Tooba Shaikh
Nick Jonas, National Jiju, Reveals His Favourite Indian Dishes, Can You Guess What They Are?

Ever since his marriage to Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas has risen in popularity with the Indian masses. He is even dubbed the National Jiju! As it turns out, our jiju loves him some Indian food! It is absolutely undeniable that Indian food is one of the best, if not the best, out there. But the fact that renowned celebrities like Nick Jonas also enjoy it, is exciting nonetheless. He listed some of his favourite Indian food items and we totally agree with him!

Nick Jonas Reveals His Favourite Indian Dishes


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Recently, a video was posted on the social media platform Instagram. It was a short video but our jiju, Nick Jonas, looked adorable in it nonetheless! In the short video, he was asked what his favourite Indian dishes were. He only thought for a moment before he said “Paneer, Lamb Biryani, and Dosa.”

Nick Jonas’s reply seemed like a breath of fresh air because not only did he name some of the most iconic dishes of both North Indian as well as South Indian dishes, but he also seemed to really enjoy them. Most foreigners and white people typically reduce Indian food to Butter chicken and chicken tandoori.

This approach reduces a diverse set of cuisines, which are mostly vegetarian, to just a couple of meh dishes. Butter Chicken and Chicken Tandoori are good, but they are also vastly overrated.

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Paneer, Lamb Biryani, Dosa Are Nick Jonas’s Favourite


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By revealing his favourite Indian food items to be so diverse, Nick Jonas has proven himself to be a true-blue fan of Indian food. And given that his sasural is from here and that he’s basically an honourary Indian, it bodes well that his choices are so diverse.

Some time ago, Priyanka Chopra also revealed that she loves having Dosa every Sunday. So now we know where Nick’s love for Dosa originated from! The interviewer in the short Instagram video said to Nick that Priyanka has taught him well and we thoroughly agree!

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Do you agree with Nick Jonas’s favourite Indian food items? If not, what are your favourite Indian dishes? Let us know in the comments below!

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