No Bag Can Weigh Extra By Even 100g Over Limit At Bengaluru Airport; Why Such Strict Measures?

by Shreya Ghosh
No Bag Can Weigh Extra By Even 100g Over Limit At Bengaluru Airport; Why Such Strict Measures?

Travelling by flight is always a good idea as it helps in saving a lot of time and we also enjoy a comfortable journey. However one of the major problems faced while taking a flight is the baggage weight limit. Every airline has a designated baggage weight limit for their passengers and flyers need to pack their bags according to that specified instructions. If someone unfortunately overpacks their luggage then they have to pay a fine. Things are changing swiftly and it looks like none of us can even carry 100 gm more than the specified weight at the Bengaluru airport.

Bengaluru Airport Gets New Baggage Drop Machines

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, Indian Tech & Infra @IndianTechGuide has shared a picture of the automated baggage drop machines.

In the caption, it has been mentioned that none of the airlines will even allow an extra baggage of 100 gm at the Kempegowda Airport of Bengaluru.

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Automated baggage drop machines have been recently installed in the Kempegowda International Airport of Bengaluru. The new technology installed inside the airport leaves no chance for passengers but to strictly follow the weight measures of the airlines.  The new machines are so precise that even 100 g of excess luggage can turn out to be a problem for passengers.  In a recent incident, a woman faced some major inconveniences while taking a flight from the Bengaluru airport.

In a conversation with The Times of India, a passenger shared her experiences with these machines.  She did not disclose her name and only specified her profession as a graphic designer.  The woman was at Terminal 1 of the Bengaluru airport to board a flight to Delhi.  She said that her bag weighed 15.1 kg at the automated baggage drop machine. The graphic designer was in utter shock hearing from the airline staff that they would not accept the luggage as it was 100 gm heavier than the specified baggage weight.  The mentioned luggage weight for each passenger is 15 kg.

What Did The Woman Passenger Do?

Bengaluru Airport
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

With no solution, she opened her bag and took out some items so that it weighed 15 kg. She was traveling with 2 of her friends and their baggage weighed less than 15 kg.  The graphic designer requested the staff to adjust her excess 100 g with the luggage of her friends but the staff did not allow or accept her request.  The staff of the airline shared how the automatic bag drop machines at the Bengaluru airport can only scale bags within the limit of 15 kg and they can not conduct any sort of adjustment.

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The Times of India report also mentioned how these new machines do not accept bags that are larger in size or are of different shapes.

One of the main reasons why airlines are so strict about baggage is to follow the proper aircraft weight calculations. If the weight is not maintained properly, it can turn out to be a problem in various functions and also the flying of the aircraft.

If you are planning to board a flight from the Kempegowda International Airport, keep all these points in mind.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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