No “Trunk” Left At Taiwan’s Iconic Elephant Trunk Rock; Sightseeing Spot Is Now Closed To Visitors

In an unfortunate news for Taiwan's tourism industry and the country's geology, a part of its iconic Elephant Trunk Rock has collapsed.

by Sanjana Shenoy
No “Trunk” Left At Taiwan’s Iconic Elephant Trunk Rock; Sightseeing Spot Is Now Closed To Visitors

A trip to Taiwan is incomplete without a visit to Elephant Trunk Rock. This natural attraction is a famous rock formation in the shape of an elephant’s trunk. For long, both tourists and locals have flocked to the rock marvel to click Insta-worthy pictures. But now a huge blow comes to Taiwan as the Elephant Trunk Rock is no more. The iconic rock formation lost its ‘trunk’ due to weathering and seawater erosion.

Taiwan’s Elephant Trunk Rock Loses “Trunk” Due To Weathering & Seawater Erosion

As per Ruifang District Office, a part of the “elephant’s trunk” broke off from the rest of the Elephant Trunk Rock structure. That portion disintegrated due to long-term exposure to seawater. Natural weathering and erosion are also reasons behind the unfortunate collapse of the once iconic structure. The office stated on Facebook that this sightseeing spot is now closed to visitors.

Ruifang District Office stated on Facebook that the Elephant Trunk Rock was partially broken at 1:55 pm on December 16. The original portion of the iconic rock is lost in the waters. Furthermore, the government has maintained security to ensure the safety of tourists and disallow them from crossing the rocky body. Also, they attribute the disintegration of the rock to current geological and weather instability.

Currently closed to the public, the post informs that the popular natural landscape on the North Coast has for long attracted many tourists to click photos. While tourists are advised not to visit the Elephant Trunk Rock in Taiwan, the post recommends other natural landscapes for exploration. Tourists are prompted to visit the Chieftain Rock which is safer. They can relish the scenery and go food hopping at the seafood trails.

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Also, salmon duck, fried white ribbon fish and small rolls of rice noodles are other dishes tourists can sample.  The post also recommends visitors tour Baotouzi station and Shenzhen-O Railway bike. Moreover, tourists are advised to maintain the beauty of the natural coastal landscapes in Taiwan by disposing of trash in proper dustbins.

Geologists Concerned About Queen’s Head Rock Next

A report by The Straits Times reveals that Elephant Trunk Rock was once a military-protected zone. Opened to the public only in 2000, this is a popular attraction nestled in Shen’ao, a narrow strip of land. But in 2010, Ruifang District Office prevented access to these areas to disallow visitors from climbing atop the rock formation.
After the unfortunate partial collapse of Elephant Trunk Rock, geologists are now concerned about The “Queen’s Head” rock. This is known to resemble the bust of Queen Elizabeth. The Queen’s Head is getting thinner and thinner over the years. It’s now lower than 120 centimetres in circumference.
Meanwhile, have you witnessed the Elephant Trunk Rock during your visit to Taiwan? Also, has this incident left you wishing to see other natural rock formations in India and the world before they collapse?
Cover Image Courtesy: Canva
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