Noma, World’s Best Restaurant, Extends Stay In Copenhagen & Heads For Another 10-Week Pop-Up In Kyoto!

Discover innovative flavours and seasonal delights crafted by chef René Redzepi.

by Mallika Khurana
Noma, World’s Best Restaurant, Extends Stay In Copenhagen & Heads For Another 10-Week Pop-Up In Kyoto!

In a culinary twist that has food enthusiasts buzzing, the iconic Noma restaurant, renowned for its avant-garde approach to dining, has unveiled plans that promise to tantalise taste buds on both sides of the globe. Once slated for closure at the end of 2024, Noma, a darling of the culinary world, has decided to extend its stay in Copenhagen, much to the delight of gastronomes worldwide. But that’s not all—there’s an exciting new chapter unfolding as the restaurant gears up for another residency in Japan.

Noma Delights Palates In Copenhagen, Now Heading To Kyoto


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After a hugely successful engagement in Kyoto, renowned chef and co-owner of Noma René Redzepi has pulled off a culinary coup by announcing a second residency there. According to Hindustan Times reports, scheduled to run from October 8 to December 18, the 10-week engagement is expected to enthral diners with a carefully selected menu. It will highlight the diverse array of seasonal flavours that Japan has to offer.

However, the gastronomic journey doesn’t end there. Redzepi and his team have also decided to extend Noma’s tenure in Copenhagen. Noma 2.0 is now set to continue its culinary odyssey into spring 2025. Known for their innovative approach, the team plans to showcase a seafood-centric menu during the final months. It will certainly ensure that patrons bid farewell to Noma 2.0 with a delectable flourish.

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A Feast Beyond Borders Awaits


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But what can diners expect from Noma’s return to Kyoto? The master chef that he is, Redzepi, has never revealed too much about the menu. He has only shared that it will be a completely new experience with a focus on seasonal ingredients. With game meats, crab, and wild mushrooms on the horizon, anticipation is at a fever pitch as people eagerly wait for the gastronomic masterpiece.

Regarding the future, Redzepi’s curiosity about food continues to grow. Even though he has a particular place in his heart for Japan, he is open to the idea of living somewhere else in the future as long as Noma’s legacy is preserved and continues to enthral viewers everywhere.

For Lena Hennessy, Noma’s chief operating officer, the future is brimming with possibilities, as per the Hindustan Times reports. So, as Noma embarks on its next chapter, one thing is certain – the world-renowned restaurant continues to redefine the culinary landscape, one extraordinary meal at a time. 

Whether in Copenhagen or Kyoto, you can expect nothing short of a culinary journey that elevates dining to an art form.

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