North India Continues To Sizzle As Delhi Records Longest Heat Spell In 13 Years; UP Sees 35 Casualties Due To Heatwave

As per the National Centre for Disease Control, 41,789 people across India suffered from suspected heatstroke between March 1 and June 20.

by Tashika Tyagi
North India Continues To Sizzle As Delhi Records Longest Heat Spell In 13 Years; UP Sees 35 Casualties Due To Heatwave

This summer season, Delhi has reported its longest heat spell in 13 years. With 14 heatwave days recorded since March 1, the Safdarjung Observatory has declared this summer one of the worst experienced by the city in its recent history. Data from the India Meteorological Department (IMD) also support this claim. Not just Delhi, Uttar Pradesh also came out as the worst-affected state this season with 35 casualties reported so far.

Delhi Experiences Longest Heat Spell In 13 Years

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The Safdarjung Observatory has recorded 14 heatwave days since March 1. This has caused the longest heat spell for Delhi in 13 years! Previously, 2022 clocked the most heatwave days till now. As per IMD’s data, 13 heatwave days were recorded over March, April, May, and June in that year.

According to a report in Hindustan Times, as per IMD, a “heatwave” is when the maximum temperature in a region is over 40°C. Or, if the maximum temperature is above 4.5° than normal. Surprisingly, IMD’s data show that there was not even a single heatwave day in summer 2023! This year, Delhi has seen five heatwave days in May and nine in June so far, making this season the longest heat spell in Delhi.

While the weather in March and April was pleasant in Delhi-NCR, the region reported a “substantial rise in the maximum temperatures.” Thanks to the frequent western disturbances, the weather in the city was still pleasant in those months but there has been a spike in the number of heatwave days since April.

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With 35 Casualties, Uttar Pradesh Worst-Affected Due To Heat

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As per the data compiled by the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), 41,789 people across India have suffered from suspected heatstroke this summer season. This data is from March 1 and June 20. Furthermore, as many as 143 deaths have also been reported due to the prolonged heatwave in the country.

Uttar Pradesh is one of the worst-affected states by heatwave in the country. The authorities have observed more than 35 casualties so far. This is followed by Delhi where 21 deaths have been reported so far due to prolonged heat. Bihar and Rajasthan have each reported 17 deaths due to heat this summer.

We hope you all are keeping yourself hydrated and taking good care of yourself in these extreme weather conditions.

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