Heatwave Effect: 100 Deaths & 40,000 Suspected Heatstroke Cases Reported In India This Summer

The relentless heat and extreme weather conditions in India have claimed more than 100 lives this season.

by Tashika Tyagi
Heatwave Effect: 100 Deaths & 40,000 Suspected Heatstroke Cases Reported In India This Summer

The summer of 2024 has not been kind to India. The extreme weather conditions and prolonged heatwave have reportedly resulted in more than 100 deaths and 40,000 suspected cases of heatstroke between March 1 and June 18. While most parts of India are suffering from extreme heat, the northeastern region of the country is experiencing severe floods due to heavy rains. This season has brought the big issue of climate change into the spotlight again.

Prolonged Heatwave Causes 40,000+ Heatstroke Cases In India

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Image Courtesy: Canva (representative image)

This summer season has taken an extreme turn in the country. According to a report by Reuters, India has recorded over 40,000 suspected cases of heatstroke this season. Further into the report, they also mentioned that the extremely hot weather has claimed more than 100 lives as well. All this data was recorded between March 1 and June 18. And while most parts of the country are suffering from the adverse effects of heatwave, the northeastern area like Sikkim, is dealing with severe floods caused by heavy rains.

The health ministry has confirmed that over 40,000 suspected heatstroke cases have been observed in India. They also mentioned that the northwest and eastern regions of India have experienced twice the usual number of heatwave days this season.

As per Reuters’s report, this extreme weather condition isn’t just affecting India, but billions across Asia. According to experts, this extreme weather condition is mainly due to human-driven climate change. What’s worse is that this intense heat has had devastating effects on not just humans but wildlife as well. There have been many reports of birds falling from the skies due to extreme heat.

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North India Grapples At Temperature Soars To 50°C

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Image Courtesy: Canva (representative image)

With prolonged heatwave conditions and temperatures soaring as high as 50°C, this summer has been quite extreme in North India. Seeing the high cases of heatstrokes, the health ministry has directed federal and state institutions to prioritise these cases. They have also directed hospitals in Delhi to increase bed capacity. This comes at a time when Delhi is facing extreme water shortages.

The weather department has also forecasted above-normal temperatures for the coming month. All this again brings to light the issue of climate change and unbalanced urban growth in Indian cities.

All this and the season is not even over! We hope you all are taking good care of yourself. Please stay hydrated, avoid stepping out as much as possible, eat healthy, and keep your heads covered to avoid the direct impact of the sun while you’re out.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva (representative image)

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