Not Ambani Or Adani, This Hyderabadi Nawab Was The Richest Man In Indian History

by Shreya Ghosh
Not Ambani Or Adani, This Hyderabadi Nawab Was The Richest Man In Indian History

When someone discusses the richest man in India, the names that we can think of are Ambani, Adani, and Tata. Well, the royalty and legacy of the richest man in the history of India date back to many decades, rather over a century. Looking back at our history, Mir Osman Ali Khan is the richest man in Indian history with an adjusted net worth because of inflation. He is the 7th Nizam and the last Nawab of the Hyderabad state.

Meet The Richest Man In Indian History, Mir Osman Ali Khan

During the independence of India, the country was divided into 565 indigenous princely states. These princely states went along to join the Indian federation but Bhopal, Hyderabad, Junagadh, and Kashmir did not agree. Junagadh state merged with Pakistan, Kashmir chose to stay independent, and Bhopal joined the Indian federation later on. Among these states, Hyderabad was certainly one of the wealthy states and interestingly, its size was as huge as Italy. And the last Nawab to rule Hyderabad was Nizam Osman Ali Khan. 

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Photo credit- Wikimedia Commons

He was born on 6 April 1886 and took his last breath on 24 February 1967. Hyderabad’s last Nawab ruled the Princely state from 1911 to 1948, for 37 years. This state was included in the union of India in 1948 and before this, he was the richest man in India. 

How Much Wealth Is Too Much Wealth!

A report in the British newspaper ‘The Independent’ states that Osman Ali Khan’s assets from his birth in 1886 to 1967 were almost $236 billion after adjusting for inflation. Elon Musk is the present richest man on the planet and he has a net worth of $286 billion. Hyderabad’s last Nawab’s net worth was very close to Elon Musk’s. 

Jeff Bezos was at the 1st rank in the Forbes list 2018 of the world’s richest people with a net worth of $ 112 billion and Mukesh Ambani was at the 19th rank with an estimated asset of $49 billion. It clearly means that Osman khan could have been the world’s richest man in 2018.

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Osman Ali Khan received the title of the Knight Grand Commander of the Star of India in 1911. And in 1917, he received the title of the Knight Grand Cross of the British Empire. Also, he received the Royal Victoria Chain in 1946. Some reports say that he was the owner of about 50 Rolls Royce.