Not Celebs, 76% Of Indians’ Weight Loss Goals Are Influenced By Family & Friends

indians weight loss goals
by Sanjana Shenoy

What influences Indians to choose a healthy lifestyle one which involves healthy eating and regular exercise? If you thought celebrities and social media stars have a role to play, then you are wrong. Interestingly, a recent survey reveals that Indians’ weight loss goals are influenced by their family, friends and colleagues. Here’s more to it.

Weight Loss Goals Of Indians Are Influenced By Their Family & Friends

On the occasion of World Food Day, fitness technology app, Fitelo conducted a survey, ‘State of Your Plate’ to determine the eating and lifestyle habits of Indians and what drives them to go down the path to good health. As part of the survey, they conducted a study of 5,000 people aged between 18 to 63 years.

indians weight loss goals

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And one of the most interesting findings shows that a majority of Indians, i.e. 76 per cent are influenced by friends, family and colleagues when it comes to weight loss goals and health choices. In some ways, this finding beats the myth that people often make health choices after following fitness influencers and their favourite celebrities doing the same.

More often than not, we go by the health choices made by our loved ones. People in our friend or family circle. Seeing their fitness and health journey in person, taking their recommendations of dieticians, trainers and food habits, influence Indians’ health choices.

indians weight loss goals

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The survey, State of Your Plate’s other findings include that 46 per cent of Indians reconsider their eating habits after receiving casual remarks about their weight from friends and family. Ahead of the festive season in India, 57 per cent of respondents revealed that they resort to emotional eating during family get-togethers.

44 Per Cent Cheat On Their Diets During Festive Occasions

Around 44 per cent of Indians’ said they cheat on their diets during festive occasions and 35 per cent confessed to stress eating when facing difficult moments. During office parties, 35 per cent of men go astray with their health goals. And 33 per cent of women give up on their health goals and stress eat due to childcare and family responsibilities.

indians weight loss goals

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Now that we know how Indians approach food during stressful times or on special occasions, what are their eating habits when it comes to celebrating their achievements? As per the survey, 57 per cent of Indians imitate the West’s fast-food trends. When celebrating their achievements, Indians eat food containing high amounts of sugar, fat and salt.

However, do they also exercise like the West? No! Unlike the West, Indians don’t prefer high-cardio exercise or sports. Instead, 46 per cent of them prefer light exercises at home and 55 per cent of them prefer walking. Only 3 per cent of the respondents said they like to go swimming every day and 6 per cent indulge in sports on a regular basis.

Now that you have a deeper idea about how Indians’ eating habits and weight loss are influenced, do you find this survey insightful? Also, are you planning to make new health choices and follow a healthier lifestyle by the end of this year?

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