Not Kashmir, This Is Actually Sehore In MP Covered In White Amid Hailstorms

by Shreya Ghosh
Not Kashmir, This Is Actually Sehore In MP Covered In White Amid Hailstorms

The weather in several parts of India changed from unbearable and scorching hot to windy and soothing in a span of just a few days. And Madhya Pradesh is one of these states. Several areas in the state experienced massive rainfall on Sunday. With rainwater clogging areas and unseasonal extreme showers, hailstorms and stormy winds were also seen in so many places in MP. Unexpected rainfall is cooling down the state for a couple of days.

Parts Of MP Experienced Hailstorms, Gusty Winds & Rainfall

A Twitter user named Anuraag Singh who goes by the @anuraag_niebpl shared a video of the heavy rainfall in some parts of MP. Not just downpours, these places also experienced unseasonal hailstorms. The visuals look like cloud-bursting snowfall like we usually see in the hills and mountains.

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As seen in the video, it is hard to distinguish if the white surfaces are hail or snow. Places such as Bhopal, Sehore, and Shajapur experienced hailstorms to a major extent. The surroundings got covered in white hail and it looked like heaps of snow surrounding the state in the summer season. Quite an unlikely visualisation, right?

People were enjoying the unseasonal rainfall and a relief from the heat until the weather and its circumstances started getting out of hand. According to a report by The Week, many huts broke down during the storm. Trees fell down and several places faced much damage because of the unseasonal rainfall and severe winds. Also, 9 people in MP lost their lives during the rainfall on Sunday. One person has passed away because of the gusty winds and lightning is the reason behind the unfortunate death of 8 people.

West Bengal Experienced Downpour On Sunday As Well

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Heavy rainfall lashed out at different districts of West Bengal for the last few days. From Kolkata to Nadia, several places are now having a much cooler temperature and the credit goes to the rainfall after the intolerable summer season. With massive rain, places such as Gayeshpur and Kalyani experienced these untimely hailstorms. Grounds were covered in snow looking like crystal clear snow.

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Is your city experiencing rainfall at this unexpected time as well?

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Anuraag Singh (@anuraag_niebpl)