Watch: Massive Tornado Hits Punjab Village; Second Within A Week

by Tooba Shaikh
Watch: Massive Tornado Hits Punjab Village; Second Within A Week

It seems that the entire country has been witnessing erratic weather lately. From unseasonal showers in Maharashtra to hailstorms in Delhi, India’s weather has been very unpredictable. Now Punjab is in the news for extreme weather. A massive tornado hit a village in Punjab and has wreaked havoc. According to many reports, the tornado has caused widespread damage. It is also said this is the second tornado reported in the state within a week.

Punjab Tornado: Causes Widespread Damage To Houses & Cattle

On Friday, the 24th of March, the Fazilka District in the state of Punjab was hit by a huge tornado. This tornado tore through the village at around 4 PM. According to many reports, many people were injured by this natural disaster. More than 50 houses were destroyed in this disaster.

The tornado also significantly damaged a lot of crops and cattle. According to the weather department, the days following the tornado will be very cloudy and light to heavy rainfall can be expected in the region.

A video posted on Twitter managed to capture the tornado in action. It was posted yesterday around 5:30 PM. Since it was posted on the micro-blogging site, the video has garnered more than 70 thousand views.

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Second Tornado To Hit Punjab This Week

According to the Tweet, this is the second tornado that has hit the region of Punjab. The tweet also goes on to mention that this time of the year usually brings rough weather in the plains of Punjab and other parts of Northern India. However, the frequency of tornadoes in Punjab has been increasing each year.

This means that farmers in the region face a tough time growing crops. According to many weather reports, parts of Punjab had been facing rains, thunderstorms and strong gusts of winds. These unstable weather conditions aid the creation of tornadoes. Since Punjab had been facing such terrible weather, it ended up culminating in a tornado.

After tearing through the Fazilka district, it crossed the border to Pakistan.

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Cover Image Credits: @navyadeepdahiya55/Twitter