Not Your Typical Aunty! Ditching 9-5 Job Culture, Two 50-YO Singaporean Women Take On The Joys Of Travel

Norah Soeb and Susie Chua have made it their life's ambition to spend their 50s and beyond on the road as '2 Travelling Aunties'

by Tejashee Kashyap
Not Your Typical Aunty! Ditching 9-5 Job Culture, Two 50-YO Singaporean Women Take On The Joys Of Travel

While their presence is ubiquitous and often entertaining, the stigma surrounding Singaporean Aunties is a complex interplay of cultural norms. These women, usually middle-aged or older, hold a distinctive place in the cultural fabric of Singapore. But, Norah Soeb, 54, and Susie Chua, 59, on the other hand, have made it their life’s ambition to spend their 50s and beyond on the road as ‘2 Travelling Aunties’.

Who Are These 2 Travelling Aunties?

These adventurous souls have shattered stereotypes and defied societal expectations, embarking on journeys that transcend geographical boundaries. Unlike the conventional perception of Singaporean Aunties, Sooeb and Chua have chosen to break free from the confines of routine and explore the world.

Susie and Norah were at a crossroads in their lives when their paths intersected in 2016 during a networking event. Norah, who worked in the media industry, thought her travel days were over after travelling solo throughout Europe a couple of times and doing a few road trips across America. Susie, who was still working in the corporate world, had been pining for more adventurous excursions. Her only experience with travel was a two-week vacation once a year at most.

Their mutual love of travel and desire to escape their nine-to-five occupations prompted an instant bond. On one of their short journeys to adjacent countries, the couple discovered their passion for Overlanding. It is a means of transportation that travels long distances for a set amount of time, usually in huge campervan cars that serve as their mobile home on the road.

After completing a 460-day overland trip through the Americas on the Pan-American Highway in a S$47K campervan, these two single Singaporean women in their 50s are altering the story.

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The Maiden Trip Of These Singaporean Women

Preparing for their first overland trip through Europe in 2019 meant resolving banking concerns and purchasing campervan necessities that were difficult or impossible to find in Europe, like as spices, traditional medicine, and sarongs, to mention a few.

By September 2019, the couple had already travelled through Europe in their motorhome, stopping in the Netherlands (where they purchased the vehicle), France, Spain, and Morocco. Their first overland expedition through Europe came to an end in Greece. They said their goodbyes to their campervan after selling it and returned to Singapore. The duo is going to be back on the road soon.

Beyond the stereotypes associated with Singaporean Aunties, these women have demonstrated that age is no barrier to exploration and self-discovery.

So, what do you think of this inspiring travelling duo?

Cover image credits: Instagram/2travellingaunties

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