Now Earning About ₹1L/Month, Hyderabadi Woman Started Selling Biryanis & Built Business With ₹80

Naaz Anjum started her biryani business about 7 years ago with only ₹80. Let's take a look at her inspirational journey.

by Shreya Ghosh
Now Earning About ₹1L/Month, Hyderabadi Woman Started Selling Biryanis & Built Business With ₹80

Taking a step towards your dream can change your life! With hard work, passion, and dedication, you can surely be closer to your goals and aims. The only constant is putting effort into all the stages of the process. A woman in Hyderabad began her business of selling biryanis from her home with an unbelievable budget of only ₹80. Entrepreneurship that started with just ₹80 now earns over a lakh each month. Today, we are taking a look at Naaz Anjum’s motivational story and her cloud-kitchen business.

Meet Naaz Anjum, Who Sells Biryanis & Runs A Great Business

Taking to Instagram, ANJUM’S KITCHEN CRAFT (@anjums_kitchen_) shared glimpses of the appetising Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani.

The journey to creating “Anjum’s Kitchen” began from Naaz’s kitchen with her love for cooking. Starting back in 2016, she is one of the first women in Hyderabad to run her cloud kitchen. The USP of her kitchen is authentic homecooked Hyderabad delicacies and of course, finger-licking biryanis. She is focused on serving the best quality and this has surely helped her a lot to make a name in the industry and win foodies’ hearts by serving delectable delicacies. Anjum got inspired by people in her neighbourhood on her journey in the biryani business, according to a report by The Times of India.

It has been about 7 years of running her successful cloud kitchen business in Hyderabad and still she makes sure to give her 100 per cent to take it to another level. Anjum begins her day as early as 4:30 AM and starts preparing for that day’s orders. Standing at the end of 2023, her business has seen immense growth and success. A homegrown business that began with ₹80 now brings about 25 to 30 orders daily.

With so many food orders every day, Naaz has prepared dishes for more than 20,000 orders in her entrepreneurial journey. Today, she is earning about ₹1 lakh a single month and the credit behind all this goes to her efforts to grow her baby, Anjum’s Kitchen, to such a popular name among foodies and biryani lovers. In a conversation with The Times of India, she shared that her dedication, hard work, innovation, and commitment to quality are the biggest factors behind her successful establishment.

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Let’s Take A Look At Anjum’s Kitchen’s Menu

The cloud kitchen has quite a tempting menu serving lots of mouth-watering culinary experiences. The speciality of Anjum’s Kitchen is its authentic Hyderabad delicacies. Some of our favourite dishes on the menu are Murg Malai Kebab, Kaddu ka Dalcha, Gosht ka Achar, Mutton Sufiyani Dum Biryani, Tala Hua Chicken, and Hyderabadi Khatti Dal. Among all these yummy dishes, the most loved and most-ordered dish is mutton biryani.

Her business also saw some significant growth and gained recognition during the COVID-19 pandemic. Anjum received permission to sell dishes during that crucial period. During that time, she brought small changes and began serving unique lip-smacking delicacies to her customers. Anjum’s Kitchen is a famous homegrown cloud kitchen establishment in Hyderabad and one of the most influences for this rise has been her extraordinary menu.

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Naaz is an inspiration for everyone wishing to begin their entrepreneurial journeys. We wish her all the best!

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ ANJUM’S KITCHEN CRAFT (@anjums_kitchen_)

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