Now Travel Yas Bani East To West In Just 3 Mins With This New Bridge In Abu Dhabi!

by Deeplata Garde
Now Travel Yas Bani East To West In Just 3 Mins With This New Bridge In Abu Dhabi!

Abu Dhabi has been revamping many bridges and we can witness it evidently in the last few weeks. Another update is about this new bridge that has been inaugurated yesterday. This new bridge is connecting Bani Yas East & West and also reduces the travel time on this heavy-duty commute passage. Let’s understand more about this new bridge in Abu Dhabi.

Department of Municipalities and Transport Inaugurates New Bridge In Abu Dhabi

The interchange is a part of the Abu Dhabi-Al Ain Road (E22). The new bridge has proved to cut the time required to travel between the two suburbs in half. It has conveniently reduced the commute duration from 11 minutes to just three. The Department of Municipalities and Transportation’s (DMT) chairman, Mohammed Ali Al Shorafa, formally inaugurated it today.

Can you guess how much this new bridge can accommodate? Well, according to sources, the interchange can easily witness up to 1400 vehicles passing within an hr.

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Did You Know This Interchange Involved Demolishing Of Pedestrian Tunnels & More?

New Bridge In Abu Dhabi
Pic Creds: Wikipedia/Sir Bani Yas

According to the officials, the project called for the destruction of pre-existing pedestrian tunnels, the transportation and security of irrigation, sewage, and communication cables as well as street lighting and a power distribution network. But the new bridge installed in the upper intersection connecting East and West Bani Yas, along with related roads, converted the current East Bani Yas roundabout into a light signal intersection and included the installation of pedestrian ramps.

According to the authorities, this new Abu Dhabi bridge will link communities and increase accessibility for both locals and tourists. Its cutting-edge features and inventive design highlights Abu Dhabi’s dedication to modernity and advancement while also improving the city’s infrastructure and fostering economic development.

Basically, the bridge aims to provide the Emiratis, residents, and visitors with the highest possible standard of living. It’s set to boost community welfare, build outstanding facilities, and foster an environment conducive to business. Ever knew building a new bridge could be beneficial in so many aspects of society? Well, now you know! So next time you see a bridge you might think about the significance it holds apart from reducing travel time and helping us escape the traffic!

Cover Image Courtesy: ADMedia Office