Now You Gotta Pay Your Traffic Fines In India To Get A Passport

by Kritika Kukreja
Now You Gotta Pay Your Traffic Fines In India To Get A Passport

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If you’re applying or renewing your passport, it’s the best time to check if you have any pending fines from the traffic department.

What Is It?

Indians have never really been fans of traffic rules, but now it could affect your passport appeal. Basically, if you have traffic fines up to ₹1200 pending, your passport application will be kept on hold until you pay them off. This rule was passed on 26th August and Pune police has kept 92 applications on hold because of their traffic fines.

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How To Go About It?

If you’ve applied for a passport or a renewal, and you have traffic violations, better pay them off quick, for starters. Once your fines are approved, a notice will be sent to the passport registration office and you will be able to get through your passport application just fine.

The rules regarding traffic violators are getting strict, so it’s better to clear all your dues before your application gets rejected. 

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