NYC’s New Dine-In Movie Theatre Lets You Order Full Meal & Cocktails Right From Your Seat

by Sanjana Shenoy
NYC’s New Dine-In Movie Theatre Lets You Order Full Meal & Cocktails Right From Your Seat

The movie theatre experience has elevated over the years. Now, watching a movie is not just about sitting in a single-screen theatre on rickety seats, munching popcorn. It’s about lying down on recliner seats, ordering nachos and cold drinks from your seats in a swanky multiplex. Taking movie-watching experiences to new heights, now New York City has a new dine-in movie theatre. It combines the pleasures of watching a film on the big screen with the fine-dining element of full-course meals and cocktails.

This New Dine-In Movie Theatre Elevates The Theatre Experience

New York City is now home to LOOK Dine-in Cinemas, located at a pyramid-shaped building at West 57th Street and 11th Avenue. The 25,000 square-foot avenue was once him to Landmark cinema. But now with LOOK Dine-in Cinemas, New Yorkers can indulge in a whole different movie-watching (and eating) experience.

Chief Financial Officer of LOOK, James Meredith revealed to Time Out about what you can experience here. LOOK Dine-in Cinemas has eight auditoriums featuring 20 to 150 seats each. Two of the eight auditoriums are called PX or Premium Experience as the screening rooms have additional speakers on the ceilings. Also, the theatres have A/V systems for film festivals and special events.

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Order Cocktails & Full Meals To Your Seat

The best part about this swanky theatre is the dine-in functionality. So, not only movie buffs but even foodies’ demands are catered to. Now that’s the inclusivity we’re talking about! In front of each seat lies large tray tables. Slide them closer and you can place everything on them — from popcorn to pizzas to even cocktails. The staff will arrive at your plush seat to take meal and cocktail orders from Mirabella’s Lounge.

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While watching the movie, if you’re craving a Sangria, you can even swipe the QR code on your table and get it directly delivered to your seat, whilst the film is playing. Touted to become the top entertainment destination in New York, this theatre has something from everyone whether it’s their varied selection of films or food.

So, how’d you like to visit such a theatre where a full-course meal and a refreshing cocktail are served at your seat in a movie theatre?

Cover Image Courtesy: @gimmiedafries/ Twitter