Ordering Food At Home? These Are The Safety Precautions You Must Take While Ordering In

by Gizel Menezes
by Gizel Menezes 3176

Ever since the lockdown was imposed to curb the spread of the coronavirus, every day life has become so much more complicated! Even simple tasks like ordering food feel mammoth, as one has to think about safety and hygiene and precaution, among a gazillion other things.

The good news however is that according to the WHO, currently there is no evidence that the coronavirus can be transmitted through the food itself. So yay! But since food preparation and delivery is a long process that involves various stakeholders, one needs to ensure that you’re following all the safety precautions while doing so!

Also, the onus just doesn’t rest on us. Restaurants have to maintain hygiene standards too. In fact, some restaurants are also going the extra mile to ensure that your food delivery experience turns out to be a safe and memorable one! ‘The Bombay Canteen’ is one such restaurant, which is sending cutesy safety precautions measures while delivering food packages. Have a look at this one!

Cute, isn’t it! However, let’s have a look at some of these measures in detail!

Safety Precautions To Follow While Ordering In

Here are a few safety tips to follow while ordering in!

Order From Trusted Eateries Only: This is so essential because honestly, now is not the time to experiment. Go in for only restaurants you trust and are known for their hygiene protocols. Ordering from a trusted eatery assures you the comfort that your food has been prepared in the best possible hygienic conditions. In fact, food delivery apps like Zomato even show you the kind of measures the restaurant is taking for your safety. So make sure you opt for such restaurants only!

Choose The Contactless Delivery Option: This goes without saying! Contactless food delivery minimizes contact between food delivery persons and customers and is the best way to order food now! Your food package will be left outside your door and you won’t have to bother about your safety. Also since all food aggregators have disabled the option for cash-on-delivery, choose any of the digital payment methods available.

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Designate An Area To Keep The Package: Choose a specific area where you wish to keep your food package. The area needs to be disinfected once you discard the delivery package, as mentioned in the next step.

Discard The Delivery Package: As per a study in the New England Journal of Medicine, the coronavirus can survive on card boards for up to 24 hours and on plastics for about 3 days. So when you remove your food containers out of the packaging, immediately transfer the food into a bowl or a plate and discard the packaging as well as the containers.

Wash Your Hands: Now that you’ve touched the packaging, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds while singing your favorite song. Because, what’s life without some song and play!

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Heat The Food: Reheating food is just a precautionary measure. As per the WHO, coronaviruses are susceptible to normal cooking temperatures (70 degrees celsius), so turn the heat on!

Eat With Glee: After all that hard work, you deserve a good meal. So dig in, but make sure you wash your hands for one last time, before you do! Because why not! And enjoy your meal since you’ve followed all the safety measures to the T and you’re no less than a superhero!

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Also, you know what’s the best part about ordering in apart from the food itself? The fact that you’re helping a local business survive! Yes, so go on, order if you must, and help the restaurant industry to slowly get back to its feet!

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