Ordering Food Online? Now You’ll Have To Pay Extra After Plastic Ban

by Kritika Kukreja
Ordering Food Online? Now You’ll Have To Pay Extra After Plastic Ban

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If you’re ordering food online in Maharashtra, be prepared to pay some extra bucks after the plastic ban. 

What Is It?

After the state wide ban on plastic bags, restaurants and hotels will be charging about 20-25% extra for parcelling charges. The restaurants will be introducing containers or packages that can be recycled, hence the charges will be increased. 

The Indian Hotels and Restaurant Association (AHAR) has proposed restaurants and hotels to use containers made out of injectable mould that will be environment-friendly and can be recycled as well. Over 8000 food joints & restaurants in Mumbai city have signed up for these containers.

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What Do We Know?

Most of the dishes in India are served in gravy or liquid form, hence need anti-leak containers. These containers will be designed from expensive materials so the restaurants will be charging extra for them.

Initially, the plastic for the containers costed nearly 60 paise per piece, so it was okay for the hotels to give it away for free. That can’t be said for the recycled materials.

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