Pac-Man To Pinball, Enjoy Them For Only Dhs1 At This Dubai Arcade & Relieve Your Childhood Memories

by Deeplata Garde
Pac-Man To Pinball, Enjoy Them For Only Dhs1 At This Dubai Arcade & Relieve Your Childhood Memories

Summers in the UAE can be harsh. But we don’t want to have any more Netflix marathons. So, what else to do without burning hole in your pocket? Well, Dubai Arcade has been the talk of the town for its latest offering. Imagine prices so less that you feel it’s a gimmick and not a real deal. Yes, that is exactly what you would feel when we say that this Dubai arcade is offering Dhs1 per game. Unbelievable right?

Dubai Bowling Center Is Offering Dhs1 Games On Mondays

Looking for an exciting and budget-friendly escape from the summer heat? Look no further than the Dubai Bowling Centre in Al Quoz. Embrace a wallet-friendly opportunity as they unveil a special promotion. It will allow you to immerse yourself in classic arcade games for a mere Dhs1 per game every Monday. Exciting isn’t it?

Transport yourself back in time with a delightful array of vintage games including Pac-Man, King Derby, and pinball machines all nestled within the arcade’s walls. Additionally, you can relish thrilling rides, and bumper car excitement, and even delve into a captivating VR zone – all for the same remarkable price. This offer is available from 10 am to midnight every Monday. The time grants you ample time to relive cherished childhood memories or forge new ones with your cherished companions.

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Other Game Centres In Dubai

However, the Dubai Bowling Centre is just one of the many hubs for arcade enthusiasts in the city. Other venues such as Play DXB, Wavehouse, Brass Monkey, and Magic Planet present a captivating medley of games and activities catering to all age groups. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of virtual reality, the finesse of bowling, the camaraderie of pool and basketball, or the excitement of simulators, Dubai’s arcade scene is brimming with options to satiate every taste.

No more waiting! Seize the moment, gather your tokens, and embark on an adventure to this Dubai arcade. Who knows, you might even grab the chance to claim tickets and prizes during your escapades. So every Monday clear your schedule for some gaming fun in Dubai.

Where: Al Quoz
When: Every Monday
Price: 1Dhs

Cover Image Courtesy: Dubai Bowling Centre