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Palash Sen
by Ananya Singh 182

When we say melody of 90s, the one name that comes to us is, Palash Sen. We met the melodious celebrity on this episode of Tere Gully Mein. Palash Sen is the voice behind popular and evergreen songs like Maeri and Kabhi Aana Tu Meri Gali. He led us through Delhi’s streets and took us to some of his favourite restaurants. He is a believer that Saddi Dilli has it all, and he took us to the best South Indian restaurant in North India. Read to know more!

Palash Sen Takes Us To South Indian Galliyan in CP

When Palash Sen says, there’s more to entertainment than Bollywood. For us, it’s the food. And what better way to explore than celebrity favourites? We all go to eat for the restaurant’s food, ambience and service. All three are common in the favourite South Indian spot of Palash Sen, Saravana Bhavan. He claims it’s all fresh food. Did you know that this restaurant has been operational for the past 42 years? The duo ordered two idli vadas, one orange juice and one pineapple juice. 

Some college talk followed the chat over South Indian delicacies. He tells us, “College jaake do sabse achi cheezein ye hui h ki ek band ban gya. Dusra biwi milgayi.” The small band in college started with some inter-college competitions. Then they later realised people like what they do. So that is how people started liking Euphoria. One of the most incredible things that could happen to him was to realise he could be a doctor and pursue music. And this is Euphoria’s 25th year! Interesting, right? The food at Sarvana Bhavan was so good that Kamiya had to say, “Food in Delhi beats food in Mumbai.” 

Coffee Pe Charcha At Blue Tokai

Palash Sen

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While Palash and Kamiya enjoy Dilli ki Sardi, they bond over the smell of the coffee. All coffee lovers out there, Palash Sen, is team coffee. Some of his food recommendations in Delhi are Raman Biryani, which gives phenomenal biryani with shorba. At Karol Bagh is Roshan Di Kulfi, which serves the best chole bhature and some kulfi that will make you go mama miya! One of his other recommendations includes rumali roti with galoti kebab outside Nizamuddin circle. 

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Want to know more about Palash Sen’s music career, school stories and food recommendations? Watch the video to learn more! 

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