Paris Turns Into Winter Wonderland After Rare Snowstorm

by Kritika Kukreja
Paris Turns Into Winter Wonderland After Rare Snowstorm

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On 22nd January, Paris received a rare snowstorm that transformed the entire city into a winter wonderland!

What Is It?

After a rare snowstorm on 22nd January, Paris has become the romantic wonderland that it’s known for. If you’re a fan of a winter romance, Paris is the place you should be at! Taking advantage of the situation, some residents decided to enjoy the winter wonderland to its fullest. Couples took romantic photos in the snow, or checked in to Airbnbs to spend the snowy days in a cozy bed together!

Paris turns into a winter wonderland
Paris turns into a winter wonderland

They headed out with their skis and snowboards to make the most of the snowfall. Just because the transport was at a halt, many of them were given a couple days off work so why not have a great time, instead?

Image via Telegraph

Parisians got into the winter spirit and made snowmans on the streets, photographed the Eiffel Tower in its winter glory and simply headed out for the hills to enjoy the day out.

What Else?

But talking about the snowy weather, it was reported that Paris received the heaviest snowfall since 1987! With six inches of snowfall, Paris turned into a winter wonderland and as we saw pros to the situation, there were definite cons. The heavy snowfall nearly paralyzed Paris’ public transportation and nearly 2000 residents were left stranded on the highways and roads. The Paris Metro was operational but was running under strict speed restrictions. Despite all of the precautions, Paris wasn’t equipped to handle nearly 3 centimeters of snow every hour!

Paris gets a rare snowstorm
Image via The Mercury News