Parisian Aesthetics & Timeless Charm At Le Train Bleu, Where Art And Dining Converge In Elegance

by Mallika Khurana
Parisian Aesthetics & Timeless Charm At Le Train Bleu, Where Art And Dining Converge In Elegance

Step into a world where history meets haute cuisine, where opulence and elegance reign supreme, and where the allure of a bygone era is brought to life through exceptional aesthetics and gastronomy. Welcome to Le Train Bleu, an iconic restaurant nestled within the grandeur of Paris’ Gare de Lyon railway station. This is not just a dining experience; it’s an enchanting journey through time and flavour that captivates every traveller’s senses. This iconic establishment was designated a Monument Historique in 1972. It certainly stands out as a true masterpiece of both aesthetics and culinary delight.

A Historical Marvel, The Birth Of Le Train Bleu

Le Train Bleu’s history dates back to the illustrious year 1900 when it was created for the Exposition Universelle. This gastronomic gem was envisioned by Marius Toudoire, a renowned architect responsible for the station’s iconic Clock Tower and facade. 

In 1901, the station’s buffet was inaugurated by none other than the President of the Republic, Emile Loubet, and quickly became a magnet for high society and artists alike. Fast forward to 1963, and it transformed into “Le Train Bleu” to pay homage to the legendary “Paris-Ventimiglia” line, a train that whisked passengers away to the sun-drenched Côte d’Azur.

The moment you step into Le Train Bleu, you’re transported to a bygone era of opulence and grandeur—the Belle Époque. The restaurant also offers a unique opportunity to experience the lavish sensation of boarding a time machine where your worries melt away.

The aesthetics are also a feast for the eyes. Think intricate paintings, resplendent chandeliers, ornate gilding, intricate woodwork, sumptuous leather benches, and exquisite furnishings. You’ll certainly find yourself entranced, momentarily escaping the hustle and bustle of the contemporary world.

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A Culinary Symphony Everyone Must Experience

Le Train Bleu is not just about aesthetics; it’s a temple of gastronomy. A collaboration with the esteemed Michel Rostang has elevated this dining experience to a whole new level. Michel Rostang and Le Train Bleu certainly share a profound passion for exceptional ingredients and a deep respect for seasonal cuisine.

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The menu showcases regional products from the south-east, an area traversed by the famous “PLM” train line. Here, every dish is thoughtfully prepared to create a captivating spectacle, with cutting and flaming done right before your eyes. Classic “Blue Train” recipes have also been reimagined in Rostang’s style. They offer a symphony of flavours that pay homage to tradition.

Indulge in delights like the real dauphinois gratin, Rostang’s signature, elevating the famous roast leg of lamb. Savour Bresse poultry with fresh tarragon cream, accompanied by grilled basmati rice, alongside iconic dishes like the baba au rhum and the tartare prepared at your table.

Le Train Bleu is not just a restaurant; it’s a vivid, sensory journey. A visit to this legendary restaurant is an absolute must for any traveller looking to savour the magic of the past while indulging in the finest French cuisine.

Where: Paris Gare de Lyon (Doublon), Pl. Louis-Armand hall 1, 75012 Paris, France
When: 11:30  am–2:30  pm, 7 pm–10:30  pm
Cost: €87 avg. (approx. ₹7,666)

Cover Image Courtesy: Le Train Bleu/Website

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