Parsi-Paradise, Farzi Cafe To Open Gorgeous Open-Air Restaurant In Dehradun

by Sanmita A
Parsi-Paradise, Farzi Cafe To Open Gorgeous Open-Air Restaurant In Dehradun

The idea of dining while watching the skies and pretty mountains are so romantic. We are also adding a delicious and innovative menu and a splendid hill ambience. Farzi cafe, a renowned restaurant chain, is opening doors in the hills of Dehradun on September 30. We were so stoked to find out that now, people can head to Farzi Cafe, even in Dehradun and enjoy its world-class services and ambience. Here’s everything we know!

Farzi Cafe Welcomes Visitors In Dehradun

Farzi Cafe will be hosting guests at its new outlet in Dehradun in just a couple of days. Being well acquainted with their range of offerings and affinity to the great ambience, we are sure the Dehradun outlet will be a stunning location to spend evenings in the hills. With the backdrop of the majestic mountains, with open-air dining set up, we were stunned to see how beautiful of a location Farzi Cafe is set in.

Take a look at their location here below:

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Can You Visit Dehradun During Fall?

Tagged as one of India’s most popular hill stations, visitors from the North are well acquainted with the hills here. We certainly know that one can enjoy the ambience and food of Farzi Cafe in the city. But can you imagine a leisurely visit to this stunning cafe in the hills of Uttarakhand? The weather is slowly becoming cooler, and city folks will surely visit Dehradun with the festive season approaching. We can’t imagine a better time to enjoy a delectable dining experience in Farzi Cafe than this.

You can always visit the hills throughout the year, and we say do not miss out on the fall season. It will be drier, and the hills will greet you with a slight chill in the air.

Which Farzi Cafe outlets would you wish to visit in India? Let us know in the comment section below.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/FarziCafe