5 Restaurants In Hyderabad To Try The Best Navratri Dishes

Hyderabad navratri dishes
by Sanmita A
by Sanmita A 342

Navratri is here. And, folks celebrating the festival across the country are in search of sattvic meals. We’ve curated a list of 5 restaurants in Hyderabad that’s serving delicious and sattvic Navratri dishes. If you are having to dine outside, then choose these restaurants in Hyderabad. We are sure you will love the Navratri dishes they serve and not miss out on dining outside during the 9-day Navratri festival.

Find Navratri Dishes At These Restaurants In Hyderabad

1. Haldiram


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This restaurant is famous in the cities for serving great vegetarian food. It is one of the oldest restaurant chains and is known for its delightful dishes. This Navratri, they are serving some great Navratri dishes which you must try if you are dreading cooking at home. They will serve you great meals and you’ll be utterly satisfied. They are serving dishes which are completely upvas-friendly for the folks who’re fasting!

2. The Lunchbox

Hyderabad navratri dishes

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This place is serving some delicious Navratri dishes for the people of Hyderabad. You must try their spread of delectable Navratri menu that offers great choices in paneer, sabudana and more. This is another place in you can visit in Hyderabad if you are fasting this Navratri.

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3. Bikanervala Food Court

Hyderabad navratri dishes

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The Bikanervala is another restaurant in Hyderabad where you can peacefully savour a sattvic Navratri meal after a day of upvas. As Hindus in the country begin to celebrate, the 9-day festival, various restaurants and cafes in India are serving delectable meals, spreads and Navratri snacks. We’re mentioning that The Bikanervala is going to be great choice of place for you.

4. Farzi Cafe


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The Farzi Cafe in Hyderabad too is catering to the folks celebrating Navratri. The restaurant has introduced various Navratri dishes which are upvas friendly. As per The New Indian Express report, the restaurant has used pure ingredients in cooking these sattvic thalis with no onion and garlic.

5. Khandani Rajdhani

Hyderabad navratri dishes

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You will love the variety of Navratri dishes they have introduced on their menu. It will surely be a treat for the ones who visit this restaurant during the 9-days of Navratra. We are totally recommending you go ahead with this choice of restaurant to savour some pure Sattvik thalis.

Well, do visit these restaurants during these Navratri days and enjoy the festival to the fullest.

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