From Sabudana Vada To Garba, Here’s How Your Favourite TV Celebs Celebrate Navratri

by Shreya Ghosh
From Sabudana Vada To Garba, Here’s How Your Favourite TV Celebs Celebrate Navratri

Navratri is one of the most special festivals and we wait every year to celebrate these 9 days in the best way possible. Gorging on our favourite foods, donning vibrant dresses, spending time with family and friends, and dancing our hearts out are a must in Navratri. Want to know how our favourite TV celebs are observing and celebrating Navratri this year, here’s all the fun and exciting deets!

Here’s How Your Favourite TV Celebs Celebrate Navratri

Shubhaavi Choksey’s Navratri Plans

Shubhaavi Choksey seems to love spending time with her loved ones. In an interview with Glamsham, she shared that festivals for her are all about spending time with near and dear ones. During festivals, she prefers making memories and making the days all about togetherness with love and enthusiasm. Shubhaavi added, ‘Navratri has been about celebrating with family and friends with enthusiasm and focusing on shakti.’ Further, she shared the reason for observing Navratri and said that the theme behind this festival is ‘good triumph over evil’. Sharing about her celebrations, Shubhaavi added that she tries to follow different colours for different days and colour coordinate everything accordingly.

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Gaurav Dubey

Our favourite stand-up comedian Gaurav Dubey also shared his plans with Glamsham. He shared that his Navratri is all about performing Garba with friends and family every year and he intends to do the same this year as well. He loves to celebrate this festival also by exchanging presents and sweets with family members. In fact, the biggest highlight of the festival for Gaurav is Garba and we can totally agree with him.

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Neha Joshi

Everyone has their own way and rituals to celebrate this grand festival every year and TV actress Neha Joshi shared hers with Glamsham. She spoke about the first day of these nine days and explained the importance of the day. Neha shared some stories about her hometown where devotees offer ghee to Devi Parvati. They offer ghee because they believe that the Goddess will bless them to prevent diseases.

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Aparna Mishra

In the same interview, Aparna Mishra of the famous serial Kumkum Bhagya also shared his plans for this year’s Navratri. She loves this festival and celebrates it every year. Like many devotees, she follows fasting and loves to relish sabudana vada, sabudana khichdi, and chana puri. In fact, Aparna waits for these nine days so that she can gorge on the Falhari delicacies. Unfortunately, she will need to skip fasting this year as she is occupied with past commitments. She added, ‘I won’t be able to fast during Navratri this year due to a hectic schedule. However, I will do the aarti and attend Garba events.’


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Now that you know what your favourite TV celebs are doing this Navratri, you might take some inspo from them and add it to your list of to-do this year. Let us know in the comments how you are celebrating the nine days of glam and glory.

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